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  1. Ryan press box coaching staff was classless. Talking mess to fans from the press box.
  2. Did anyone have an issue getting tickets at the gate last week? I didn’t realize the athletic office only was selling Monday and Tuesday
  3. Carthage is undoubtedly the most successful program in East Texas hands down. Congrats on another one
  4. Carthage vs Longview 2022 lol. Would never happen, but I bet a-lot of East Texas football fans would attend
  5. Pretty sure we are goin to end this game with 200 yards of penalties
  6. That was a bad play call, imo it wasnt haynes or perry. We ran a 15 yard comeback to the far side of the field. That is a throw not many college and even some nfl qbs can make, especially w/ a d1 corner squating on the route. Would have been pitch and catch if ran to the short side.
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