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  1. Look up Longview ISD Athletics on youtube. Its the Longview broadcast and do a pretty good job. It will be Longview biased obviously but they are way better than NFHS.
  2. Agree with all of this. I honestly don’t think either team will score over 40. My guess is a 7-10 point ball game with the winner scoring late to seal it. I say this one could go either way with 31-24 type score. I really can’t decide on a winner but obviously hope Lobos are out the gate hot cause we need to be. Both defenses are too good for this to be a shootout imo.
  3. BC didn’t look good early but they got the momentum right now
  4. That ball 100% bounced off the turf..
  5. So glad we had to play a full game.. going to help us next week!
  6. Took a little longer than Id like, but looks like the big boys are wearing down a bit
  7. That was Jordan’s best game by far. Very efficient ball game passing and a couple good runs.
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