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  1. Look up Longview ISD Athletics on youtube. Its the Longview broadcast and do a pretty good job. It will be Longview biased obviously but they are way better than NFHS.
  2. Agree with all of this. I honestly don’t think either team will score over 40. My guess is a 7-10 point ball game with the winner scoring late to seal it. I say this one could go either way with 31-24 type score. I really can’t decide on a winner but obviously hope Lobos are out the gate hot cause we need to be. Both defenses are too good for this to be a shootout imo.
  3. BC didn’t look good early but they got the momentum right now
  4. That ball 100% bounced off the turf..
  5. So glad we had to play a full game.. going to help us next week!
  6. Took a little longer than Id like, but looks like the big boys are wearing down a bit
  7. That was Jordan’s best game by far. Very efficient ball game passing and a couple good runs.
  8. Ive watched every game this year start to finish… anyone that thinks 12 is the guys is down right wrong. The stupid penalties and turnovers is what us killing us. He won’t stop the QB running back and forth. He did it back when I played in 2008-2011 and will keep doing it.
  9. Its been that way all season. Everyone should have made that assumption.
  10. Tutt has to he the guy next year… I can’t take another year of 12
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