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  1. 11 hours ago, LOL said:

    Defense started off rough but eventually came around. Still a lot of work to do (it's only Week 1!).

    Same for the offense. The usual rust. Bright spots, of course, were the stars: Hale was Hale, and Tatum was Tatum. 

    But I give the gameball to Jordan Allen. QB1!

    Allen could've let last season break his spirit, or he could've become bitter or resentful. But instead he went to work, and it shows. It shows a lot of heart and a lot of character. His talent shined through tonight. If he continues to show what he showed tonight...  man alive, we stand a dang good shot at doing it this year. 

    That was Jordan’s best game by far. Very efficient ball game passing and a couple good runs.

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  2. Just now, RecruitbEastTx said:

    Another thing, I've been listening to people in the stands saying Allen is the better Qb and is a better fit for the offense. PLEASE STOP. This defense that Longview has is down right scary. Dumb penalties at wrong time and this ancient offense is killing them. Longview still has to run to the sideline to get plays in hurry up situations. Spending costly timeouts. Team is really talented to be play like they played tonight. 

    Ive watched every game this year start to finish… anyone that thinks 12 is the guys is down right wrong. The stupid penalties and turnovers is what us killing us.

    He won’t stop the QB running back and forth. He did it back when I played in 2008-2011 and will keep doing it. 

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