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  1. Im impressed with this win. Still some mistakes, but Bryant is a really good football team
  2. Thomas has not be accurate on some open receivers. Definitely better than Allen but he is not perfect
  3. I agree.. we are going to only get better each week. Thought the second half energy was better than the first. Most of these kids have only played 96 minutes of varsity football and still trying to get comfortable out there.
  4. way too basic. Running the same play script from the freshman game last night
  5. O-line and tackling definitely a concern… everything else probably will get corrected.
  6. Agree... we better not come out looking like North Dakota State lol
  7. I am out on the yellow lids... these are ugly. We do need to come back with the white’s one day tho..
  8. Ryan press box coaching staff was classless. Talking mess to fans from the press box.
  9. Did anyone have an issue getting tickets at the gate last week? I didn’t realize the athletic office only was selling Monday and Tuesday
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