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  1. 36 minutes ago, LoboFan07 said:

    Has nothing to do with Thomas. The routes are predictable, there’s no one to throw it so everything is beyond covered. When players get a chance, they drop it. 

    Thomas has not be accurate on some open receivers. Definitely better than Allen but he is not perfect

  2. 14 minutes ago, LOL said:

    Saw some improvement from Week 1, especially from the defense. The o-line looked better, especially with Norman moved to tackle. Still a lot to work on, but keep in mind this is still non-district. Not surprised by the vanilla playbook, no reason to tip your hand to Highland Park or any of your district opponents. Again, this is a young team, and they'll get better. 

    Good effort from Marshall, best of luck the rest of the way! 

    I agree.. we are going to only get better each week. Thought the second half energy was better than the first. Most of these kids have only played 96 minutes of varsity football and still trying to get comfortable out there. 

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  3. 4 minutes ago, LoboFan07 said:

    Oh stop. We play the best to improve. The Ryan’s, the Allen’s of the world. I rather take a season opening beat down to help improve us than roll through everyone (ala Lancaster) only to fall in round 1/2.

    Lobos are extremely young. We’ve said that all off season. We’ll be a new team come November. Are we beating Ryan in a rematch? No. But I don’t think anyone will beat them this year.

    I was hoping everyone would ignore the troll lol

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