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  1. They cant play defense, so this game is about to get chippy. They dont want to get in a dog fight with longview
  2. The boys have defiantly seen this and have forsure lit a fire. These signs did it for me in high school under king.
  3. The thing is, i have yet to see a Longview team get woren down. Knowing from experience Its a mentality Coach King brings to the table with the kids. The key is not them wearing down Longview its will longview over persue and get out of position. It will be a different level of physicality than any metroplex team you all have faced. Im not sure what you know about longview, but we do not run a spread and We are EAST TEXAS not Metorplex. We huddle every play not the hurry up. We lul defenders to sleep running power and zone schemes and capitalize on play action pass. This offensive line is built on all 2-3 year starters who have given up maybe 10 sacks all year and few negative plays a game.
  4. I think Longview’s line play (offesive and defensive) will wear down Tascosa. Have done it all year. The o line even wore down the great westfield dline last week at times. Defense is peaking, and will continue after a dominating performance last week. Lobos by +10
  5. Longview hangs its hat on being physical up front. Will not be a problem and wont work on trying to intimidate anyone. Will just be helping the longview offense with free yards if the dline is that undisciplined. Going to be a great battle between #11 LGV & #4 SW. Look forward to seeing it.
  6. Allen with Kyler Murray... The kid went 42-0 in his high school career. Desoto in 2011 was the most athletic team I played against. They had 22 go D-1
  7. what you don't know is half those kids are undersized and wouldn't be good players with out coach kings tough coaching, Ive walked the walk under coach king, he and the staff are the main reason why i developed in to a good player. they are the reason i was able to play college football.
  8. they are pretty entertaining. especially when you hear longview coaches cussing at something in the background lol
  9. lol they are young.. the fans aren't used to the feeling of being good. The only way they know how to act is to rub it in and show off all the toys they have. But as someone said earlier in a few years when lake ridge is none existent.. we will probably be district champs and making another run lol
  10. No body but Bryd has stopped the running game all season, just like no one has stopped yals offense. if yal hold us under 250 yards rushing i will be surprised and if we hold yal under 400 yards total offense i will surprised. Its just a intresting match up of clashing styles. I think we all can agree that both teams are better than last year.
  11. I promise we are the most physical team y'all will face this year too. i wanna see LR #54 and LV #7 go head up in the hole! now thats gonna be a collision to see! 54 fills gaps has good as any in 5a football
  12. i don't know about yal but i thought LR was gonna blow out Poteet.. That running back Don JR. for Poteet is a heck of a football player
  13. Also watch Oklahoma vs OSU my boy Jordan Burton is ballin up there
  14. I'm with in the smash mouth football my class had the same mentality. Went to practice yesterday the coaching is still the same but some of the kids mindset is different. They think cause their the Longview Lobos people are gonna lay down for them. We went full speed all the time no matter who it was. Didn't see that yesterday.
  15. Lol everybody thinks we do! When we lose 1 game alot of fans give up! People from Longview don't understand how good our coaches are at developing players
  16. Have you ever played for coach King?? You don't know what your talking about if you think he doesn't handle the pressure. Winning games on fake field goals, 2 point conversions, blocked field goals and several second half come from behind wins in the playoffs. I think that considers winning under pressure and I was a player a part of those victories. Teams just beat us, don't blame a great coach. The guy has more balls and certainty in pressure times than most coaches.
  17. i think if we control the clock and convert on 3rd downs like we did against Desoto 2010 and 2011. Might take a little bit to get going like last week, but as long as they don't get to many points early we will wear them down eventually.
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