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  1. I can see that being difficult after preparing all week for the Slot-T. I think I remember that game. It was very muddy that night if I’m not mistaken. Whatever we run, I just hope we will still sling it some. We should have 2 or 3 that can go get it this year.
  2. Eager to see what we do. His dad knew the veer well, I’m not sure exactly what he himself has in mind.
  3. Reeallly? Lol. I see one certain program most of your content relates to in all of your past interaction on this site. You really have zero business even speaking on anything related to Alto anything. Lol. I laughed so hard that I’m not even gonna bother roasting your comment any further. Move along.
  4. Pretty sure we already made it clear that that was my trailer. Dude set me up. If you look on google maps, all those old cars and 1980’s bass boats are my neighbors. I DO own those goats though lol.
  5. More like a walk-off (with the most disrespectful bat flip imaginable)
  6. 1st off, wishing Meeks the most success possible in his new endeavors. He has a work ethic 2nd to none and we are DEFINITELY BETTER because he was here and we will forever be indebted to him for all he’s done. Love the guy. As for our new AD, Great hire. Personally spoke with 2 board members and both told me the same thing. This was a very tough call and the final 3 were lights out candidates. I personally know one of the other two and have NO doubt in my mind that he would’ve been ready to lead. I hope he gets a job and wins it all somewhere. But back to Lance, he’s the man now. We are excite
  7. Congrats on the wood shedding Timpson. Didn’t quite see you equaling your largest margin of victory on the season against an opponent of that caliber. Enjoy the ride and I hope it leads you to Arlington. As for Joaquin, I feel you guys will bounce back and do your share of damage. Good luck going forward.
  8. Game plan was great. Really hard not to be immature and light this thread up right now. I’ll see y’all down the road sometime again. I know that I don’t need to be on here for a while so I’m going to take a break.
  9. We can win with what little speed we have. We are built to grind out clock and minimize opponents drives. But you have to complete passes and execute to keep the chains moving. Gotta spread the ball around more imo to keep the defenses honest. There are a few more kids who can make plays that should prolly see the ball more than they have so far. We weren’t able to execute in the passing game when we needed to most last week and it cost us going down 20-0 after 1 quarter and 3 seconds elapsed. Very hard to overcome. Missed tackles also killed us last week. Several times we let guys get free a
  10. This def won’t get it done. We look like week 1 again. We can not afford to give up anything this 2nd half.
  11. Truth be told I wish we would’ve caught y’all later in the district schedule as it was originally set lol. But here we are.
  12. Well we are built differently this year than what a traditional Alto team typically would be in the past. Should be able to give you guys a game though. We have came a ways since week 1. Still searching for that first W.
  13. I will say that our youngsters are confident and believe they can get it done Friday, which confidence is definitely a must. Confidence however, will only get you so far. We will have to execute the best we have all year. All 11 will to have to stay within the scheme to be successful against the high powered offense Grapeland will bring to town. By no means are the boys taking Grapeland lightly. They’re expecting to be in a dog fight.
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