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  1. Lake Ridge also is 4 years old We had varsity football first year, but only juniors or seniors were kids who were basically not gonna play at their schools so they transfered. This current class started as freshmen together, then all moved to varsity together
  2. Keep in mind these are high school kids, when your leader, who was 5a PoY and 1st team all state cant play unfortunately it effects whole team. And HS generally dont have the depth to replace top 3 players in 4 days. Every HS in texas would have struggled also
  3. Hats off to GR they are very explosive and deserve the win Just to much for LR to over come. Like psoted ealier we lost our 3 best players vs aledo in semis Jett, Duke and Rod, they accounted for 7200 yards and 88 tds, just this year. We only had 4 days to prepare for SC. I saw several plays that Jett woild have easily picked up 20 yards running but took 1 step and threw the ball away. It was only 21-0 at half, but in 2nf half we were trying to strip ball and not wrap and anderson made us pay, thats what good teams do As far as next year, u got to aee our soph QB in 2nd half abd he made some good plays, our JV was 90%sophs and went 8-2 only giving up 96 points. We will be fine. Once again congrats to GR, yall deserve the win....
  4. I said all week our defense is better then we been playing. Coach made some personal changes, huge game
  5. Actually a really good post, all I can say is that is how we have been all season tho. We just didn't get lucky on 4th down agaisnt lv, weve done it all season, against everyone. Just lv was on biggest stage.
  6. They just dont get it, we know we struggle om def. If you ask them why we wont score 50 they will juay tell you know does. We score on 80% of our possessions
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