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  1. Are tickets being sold at the gate. Don't want to drive from Palestine just to find out no tickets being sold at the gate.
  2. Everything B.Robinson has ever said in any interview has shown him to be a individual that is not just all about himself. He is team oriented, believes that the game is about more than just him. He seems to be a loyal individual and loves where he is at and he is there for more than just football so I believe he will be back for one more year. He will also be the type to end up with a degree from UT also.
  3. Amen to this. Hard to change a culture with players who do not want to change or try to fake they are changing till poop hits the fan then they show their true colors again. Anybody who thought this was a one year fix was crazy. Like I said in another post all Sark saw was talent on the roster, the eye test everybody talks about, but when things got tough the real problems has rear it ugly head and I'm just waiting to see if he deals with it. The above tweet is one way to start dealing with it. The process make take longer than doing it with the players that are here, but if the players that are here don't want to buy in and put in the work and time and really care if they lose or win then they need to be told to hit the portal, regardless of the # of stars next to their names when they got here.
  4. I forgot the name but they have a very good Mexican restaurant in town and a decent steakhouse.
  5. I got nothing better to do, I'm still am going to this game if it gets lopsided I will go get something to eat early.
  6. This game being in Crockett and me living in Palestine means I may go see this one. The reason I am interested is because of how well New Waverly played Newton and how it seems a lot of people on here are taking exception of someone saying that West Rusk should not take them lightly. This could be a entertaining game. If not then still a short ride for me back home. If I had to bet money it would be that West Rusk wins by 10, but Tatum went out in the 1st round , Texas gets beat by Kansas at home, anything can happen. You don't win games on paper.
  7. There are a lot of things that could happen ,but if you go listing or posting everything that could happen on a message board you are bound to get some of them right. Does that mean you where right or just threw enough things up there to get one right. Texas is in a bad way right now, has been for a while. Sark did not know how bad it was. All he saw was talent on the roster. Well guess what. He knows now what some of us have known for awhile.
  8. This time of year I take the time to teach my students the difference between Veterans Day and Memorial Day. I also let them know that November 10 is the Marine Corps Birthday, and why Veterans day is celebrated on the 11th of November. You will be surprised how many students do not know a lot of this. I served and it was one of the best things I ever done in my life. I thank all of those who have served also. I would like to thank all of those people who recognize and tell Vets thank you for your service . It means a lot.
  9. Believe in 2003 or 2004 when Coach Glenn Tunstil was the Ad Palestine played in the Semi-Finals so that would have been in December. Coach Allison who won a State Championship at Cayuga was his OC. They were very good for a couple of years then it went south again.
  10. Ouch. That's a loud statement.
  11. Palestine's deep run could be in the years to come if they can patch together a offensive line. Getting to the playoffs this year was a major goal of theirs and winning a playoff game was a goal of theirs. I think they can accomplish that to but it will be tough against LCM but its doable. A deep run in the future is also doable.
  12. Drank that stuff once and did not know it over sea's in Okinawa on Friday and woke up at 2:am Sunday morning in my bunk. Don't know How I got there. Never touch the stuff again. A buddy of mine just said here try this.
  13. 1.Michigan 2.Wisconsin 3.Texas 4.Georgia.Tech 5.Georgia 6.Oklahoma 7.Kansas.St 8.Ole.Miss 9.SMU 10.Ohio.St Total pts Texas Tech & Oklahoma 54 Pts
  14. 1.Texas Tech 2.Purdue 3.UCLA 4.Iowa.St 5.Ole Miss 6.Pitt 7.Minnesota 8.Notre Dame 9.N.Carolina 10.TCU OU Scores 48 Pts against Kansas
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