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  1. 1.W.Virginia 2.Clemson 3.Iowa.St 4.TCU 5.Tennessee 6.Texas 7.Notre Dame 8.Cal 9.A&M 10.Washington Tiebreaker: 48 total pts. Arkansas @ A&M game.
  2. What happen to the old Supt. Did he resign or what. I believe he came from Oakwood.
  3. The 2nd sentence of what I said is all I care about. If they do that and lose the game because third 3rd team Qb is not up to the task than fine. I just don't want to see any quit in the team at any time anywhere like last year. There moto need's to be All Gas and No Quit. Play to the final whistle and live with the results.
  4. 1.FSU 2.Indiana 3.UNLV 4.Oregon 5.Penn.St 6.LSU 7.NC.State 8.Washington 9.Maryland 10.A&M Tiebreaker: Texas total pts vs UTSA 27 Pts.
  5. How they responds the next 2 weeks will give me all the answers I need. If they come out with the same intensity and energy as the did last Saturday week end and week out. Then the program has took a big step forward. I am tired of hearing about Alabama, its over lets move on. UTSA will bring all they got Saturday, that's all we should be focused on. If that turns out to be the case then I will feel good about this team and it's chances this year. If it turns out they are just happy about playing Bama close and reading about how good they are then we will take our usual 1 step forward and 2 step back approach
  6. 1.UCF 2.Alabama 3.K.State 4.Northwestern 5.Tenn 6.Texas.Tech 7.Iowa.St 8.Florida 9.USC 10.Baylor Tiebreaker: 17 Pts
  7. I think CC wins but if they go through this week taking Elkhart lightly it could come back and bite them .I thought Huntington would beat them also and game really was not close.
  8. 1. Pitt 2.Penn.St 3.Missouri 4.NC. State 5.Georgia 6.Arkansas 7.Houston 8.Utah 9.Ohio.St 10.Oregon.St Total pts in Georgia vs Oregon 62
  9. Had a student ask one year what classification OPEN was on our schedule was.
  10. I think it was close and Sark in the end went with his gut instinct. I don't think he wanted to drag it out any longer. I also believe that any coach that will let any outside influence help decide who wins the Qb1 job does not need this job or any high profile coaching job.
  11. Sounds like everyone but Kdog00 is expecting Palestine to fall back this year. I was told that their Soph and Jr. class was the reason Coach Angel is not retiring. If they can mature and grow as a team a little they could be a tough out by the time district rolls around.
  12. I can't speak for everyone but for me it was a calling. I taught Sunday school and coached little league for years. Went back to school at age 28. In 3 1/2 years I started teaching and coaching. Coached my last game this year. Turn 61 and plan on teaching 1 or two more years and retiring, Would not trade what I did for anything in the world. Had 2 ex-players of mine as assistant coaches this year. Don't think they will be back this year. I really believe that it almost has to be a calling now days for you to stay with it.
  13. The most exciting game I ever watched was the State Championship game between Dangerfield and Cameron don't remember the year I am getting old. The hardest hitting game I ever saw was when Jefferson beat Dangerfield in 86 and went on and won State that year. I could not believe how bad the fans in the stands where talking about Dangerfield's Head coach after that game with the run that they had just been on.
  14. I understand what you are saying and honestly think you were just trying to come out with a suggesting of how to help out a problem. In a very around about way what people are trying to say is that in the long run if we go to what a lot of other states are doing, before long athletics will not be coached by professionals as we know it. I realize the Head Coach as you said is a educator and coach but where will the next Head Coaches come from if all the other coaches work in another profession. Sooner or later in years to come after all the Head Coaches that were educators retire there is going to be a problem. You learn how to be a head coach by putting in your time and lots of clinics and education. It may ended up coming to this and if it does we may end up having the same problems every little league system in America has. I am not going to list all of them.
  15. I would like to ask just one question. Do you think the overall coaching would improve, stay the same or get worse if we went to what they do in some other states like Georgia and Colorado . Right now Texas High School Coaches have a very good reputation among the College Coaching Profession.
  16. Goggled this. Traditionally a Professional is someone who derives their income from their specific knowledge or experience as opposed to a worker, hobbyist or amateur without formal education. This meaning is still carries today in areas such as sports. Their are other simpler definitions to this word but this is the one most traditionally recognized.
  17. Do you think Beamer at V.Tech or Dabo at Clemsom would have had the runs that they had in today's microwave got to win now times. Do you think that after their first 2 or 3 years they would have been in the hot seat or fired. Not everybody inherits a program like Oklahoma or Ohio St. right out of the bat like Day and Riley. I don't know if Sark is going to get the job done either but you sure cannot judge him by 1 years worth of work. Their was a time when you given at least enough time to get your type of players in to see it it was going to work out or not.
  18. Just did my last game Friday night . Will do nothing but teach the next 3 years then retire from that also. It is just so different now. Had a parent tell me you cannot hold a kid in High School accountable at that age for all bad behavior. I ask them when should you hold them accountable, their answer, 19 to 20. I told her that by that time it could be to late and it could lead to them going to jail. I had to sit though a lecture by admin on how I could not tell a parent that a student could be possibly going to jail.
  19. Before I got out of the Coaching part after 25 years most ADs I work for told me at an early stage in my career that I should put in for some jobs just to keep up your interview skills. Most just ask that you keep them updated. I only worked for one AD that really took it the wrong way.
  20. This is going to get worse for smaller schools. As long as their is a threat of it getting out that you are putting you name in for a job is going to be made public some coaches are going to think long and hard about just applying for just any job. I don't think it will effect your bigger paying jobs that much, but those schools that some coach will take a little pay cut to become a AD Head Football Coach for the first time are going to start thinking long and hard before just throwing their name out there.
  21. Most teams this year are going to have to scramble to find games this year anyway because of realignment. A lot of teams will have someone on the pre-district schedule that end up in their new district. Scrambling to find games is nothing new. As a matter of fact ever who gets the EF job will be getting calls from schools that where scheduled to confirm if they are going to be kept on the schedule or not. Just part of the deal of being the AD.
  22. Yes this is a real place. Just ask Tom Collins and Jim Bean.
  23. I am pretty sure Kirby Smart mention Kerry Strong last night on ESPN after Georgia beat Alabama. Did anybody else catch what he said.
  24. Who's leading, if you don't mind me asking.
  25. Texas is doing the same thing. NIL has made it a arms race in recruiting. In the long run I don't think any of this will be good for college football. It would not surprise me if in the long run that the teams on the Have's list shrinks and the Have not's gets bigger. You are going to end up with maybe 15 to 20 teams with realistic shots at winning anything in Major College football before to long.
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