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  1. 1.Liberty 2.Oregon 3.Texas 4.Toledo 5.Boise. St 6.Georgia 7.Tulane 8.Troy 9.Michigan 10.Louisville Tie Breaker: Oregon vs Washington Total Pts. 60
  2. All of this I agree with. Interference is not called both ways by Big 12 officials. On a long pass a receiver can push the DB back while gaining separation going forward and offensive interference is never called. If the DB tries to keep from being pushed back defensive interference is called. Tough being a DB in Big12.
  3. 1.Oklahoma 2.Tulane 3.Boise St. 4.Texas 5.Oregon 6.Ohio St. 7.LSU 8.Florida 9.NC State 10.Kansas St. Tie Breaker OSU vs Michigan total pt. 46
  4. Just looked at play on my TV. I recorded the game. The TE that caught the ball was not covered up. He did not even have his hand on the ground. Iowa St had 6 offensive linemen and one receiver on the line. The 4 off the line were Qb,Rb, Wr and Te.
  5. I disagree. Thompson’s eyes should be on his keys not in the backfield the whole play. It’s not his job to look in the backfield and read pass or run. This is why we are not a good zone defense. If we play man then we can’t cover crossing routes. Our secondary wears me out every game. We are not taking advantage of how good we are up front because the backend can’t read simple keys.
  6. The 2 calls that cost is TDS we’re good call. Banks held and Crawford if he did not extend his arm on the block they might not have called it because the defender was not going to be able to make that play.
  7. I guess 11 is just not going to get blocked today
  8. He was a good kid. Worked hard.
  9. At one time we had 3 coaches at Westwood from Franklin. Hendricks, Lierman, and a ex-Qb, your Head Basketball coach. Good coaches and good people, all of them. Enjoyed working with them.
  10. Yes I just went back and edited my post. It was 2008. In 2007 we beat Diboll then lost in the 2nd round to China Springs. I am getting old. I get the years mixed up. That happens after coaching 27 years.
  11. Yes his dad is a coach at Westwood.
  12. They actually won district in 2008 that had Palestine ,Crockett, Athens, Brownsboro, and Fairfield in it. Besides Fairfield all the schools were much larger in enrollment. Played Lorena in the Playoff's in Waco. I coached there at that time. Held them to 3 and out first drive then DJ Morrow had a 63 yard TD run on first play. It was a good game. We were down by 6 with 2 min left. Held them on 4th down. On the next possession on 2nd down we turned it over and they scored again winning by 13. Then next week they lost to Carthage like 7-0. Westwood may have not done much but they have done something. I know Lorena is favored and so does everyone else but there is no reason to get on someone who just thinks their team has a chance. I hope the coach that is there now will stay around awhile. I hope both teams play well and come out injury free.
  13. 1. Arizona 2. W. Virginia 3. N.Texas 4. Clemson 5. USC 6. Virginia Tech 7. Texas Tech 8. Kansas.St 9. Oregon St. 10. Texas Tiebreaker: LSU 68Pts
  14. I did not say Lorena was not as skilled. Seen both play. My point was I don’t think Westwood’ front 7 is not going to have much success against Lorena’s offensive line. Wish both team well and good luck
  15. Yes this game will be won on the line of scrimmage. Westwood is very skilled and athletic but Lorena up front may prove to be to much for them to win this game.
  16. What was Taylor’s response, and by the way I hope he gets the job. I’m a retired Texas High School coach so I’m rooting for him unless he is playing Texas,
  17. Man I believe if Traylor gets the job he will make it tough on the other Texas schools. He is playing everyone tough and winning some of those games. With the talent A&M has already ,and I believe he will recruit the state good as Texas High School coaches trust him.
  18. I coached for 27 years. Not once did I lose a single game because of officials, did some calls happen that I did not agree with? yes. I think most of the time people complain is on a bang bang play that happens fast. On those calls 50% of the people are going to say it was the right call and 50% will say it was a bad call. The completely ignorant ones that say that official wants the other team to win is the ones I do not understand. Most of the officials at games are not even from that area much less the town. I can agree that you have the right to your opinion on a call, but to ride an official for 4 quarter on that call is totally ignorant. Last rant. 90% of the time I thought an official missed a call, I found out after watching film it was the right call. The other 10% were bang bang calls that could have went either way.
  19. 1.Penn.St 2.Clemson 3.Arizona 4.Washington 5.Texas 6.Oklahoma 7.A&M 8.Oregon 9.Georgia 10.Tennessee Tie Breaker: USC-Oregon Total Pts 74
  20. I also think the angle is not right down the line. To close to say it was a bad call. From what I saw on video it looks like receiver pushed number 11 down. If it was not called I would not complain about it though.
  21. To tell you the honest truth I was more upset with how are safeties still let the Qb move them with his eyes instead of reading their keys from inside out on the receivers. This has been a problem all year. Ewers will come back and Qb answer is fixed. We are stuck with what we got at safety.
  22. I would just like to see them win a playoff game. The last and only time they won a playoff game was against Diboll in 2007 at Lufkin.
  23. If I moved to Gunter right now, the 2 grandkids I'm raising would not be in High School.
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