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  1. I understand what you are saying and honestly think you were just trying to come out with a suggesting of how to help out a problem. In a very around about way what people are trying to say is that in the long run if we go to what a lot of other states are doing, before long athletics will not be coached by professionals as we know it. I realize the Head Coach as you said is a educator and coach but where will the next Head Coaches come from if all the other coaches work in another profession. Sooner or later in years to come after all the Head Coaches that were educators retire there is going to be a problem. You learn how to be a head coach by putting in your time and lots of clinics and education. It may ended up coming to this and if it does we may end up having the same problems every little league system in America has. I am not going to list all of them.
  2. I would like to ask just one question. Do you think the overall coaching would improve, stay the same or get worse if we went to what they do in some other states like Georgia and Colorado . Right now Texas High School Coaches have a very good reputation among the College Coaching Profession.
  3. Goggled this. Traditionally a Professional is someone who derives their income from their specific knowledge or experience as opposed to a worker, hobbyist or amateur without formal education. This meaning is still carries today in areas such as sports. Their are other simpler definitions to this word but this is the one most traditionally recognized.
  4. Do you think Beamer at V.Tech or Dabo at Clemsom would have had the runs that they had in today's microwave got to win now times. Do you think that after their first 2 or 3 years they would have been in the hot seat or fired. Not everybody inherits a program like Oklahoma or Ohio St. right out of the bat like Day and Riley. I don't know if Sark is going to get the job done either but you sure cannot judge him by 1 years worth of work. Their was a time when you given at least enough time to get your type of players in to see it it was going to work out or not.
  5. Just did my last game Friday night . Will do nothing but teach the next 3 years then retire from that also. It is just so different now. Had a parent tell me you cannot hold a kid in High School accountable at that age for all bad behavior. I ask them when should you hold them accountable, their answer, 19 to 20. I told her that by that time it could be to late and it could lead to them going to jail. I had to sit though a lecture by admin on how I could not tell a parent that a student could be possibly going to jail.
  6. Before I got out of the Coaching part after 25 years most ADs I work for told me at an early stage in my career that I should put in for some jobs just to keep up your interview skills. Most just ask that you keep them updated. I only worked for one AD that really took it the wrong way.
  7. This is going to get worse for smaller schools. As long as their is a threat of it getting out that you are putting you name in for a job is going to be made public some coaches are going to think long and hard about just applying for just any job. I don't think it will effect your bigger paying jobs that much, but those schools that some coach will take a little pay cut to become a AD Head Football Coach for the first time are going to start thinking long and hard before just throwing their name out there.
  8. Most teams this year are going to have to scramble to find games this year anyway because of realignment. A lot of teams will have someone on the pre-district schedule that end up in their new district. Scrambling to find games is nothing new. As a matter of fact ever who gets the EF job will be getting calls from schools that where scheduled to confirm if they are going to be kept on the schedule or not. Just part of the deal of being the AD.
  9. Yes this is a real place. Just ask Tom Collins and Jim Bean.
  10. I am pretty sure Kirby Smart mention Kerry Strong last night on ESPN after Georgia beat Alabama. Did anybody else catch what he said.
  11. Who's leading, if you don't mind me asking.
  12. Texas is doing the same thing. NIL has made it a arms race in recruiting. In the long run I don't think any of this will be good for college football. It would not surprise me if in the long run that the teams on the Have's list shrinks and the Have not's gets bigger. You are going to end up with maybe 15 to 20 teams with realistic shots at winning anything in Major College football before to long.
  13. I got Direct TV so I just went to channel 676 and The Shiner Vs Hawley was on so I have set to record all the others while I am at work.
  14. I remember Coaching against Lorena's Head Coach in the playoffs in 2006 I believe. I was the DC and I thought we was the most talented team. Was talking to Coach Biles before the game and he told me we don't have a number 5 and so on and so on as he kept rattling off some of our players. Could of been just blowing smoke but he seem like a genuine guy. Been at Lorena a long time, 30 something years. I hope he finally get a ring. We had to many turnovers and lost by 6 I believe and they went on and gave Carthage a better game than what people thought.
  15. I would not be surprised if BJ was told it would be in his best interest to transfer.
  16. I did serve my country for 6 years in the U.S.M.C and have been in the Coaching and Teaching profession for over over 25 years. Believe me you have to be as selfless in the Teaching and Coaching as you do in the military.
  17. I think the only way Timpson beats them is just dare Shiner to beat them passing. Load the box up swarm to the ball with all the speed you got. Take away their 2 best running plays. If they beat you with their 3rd best running play or by passing the ball then they are just better than you and there was nothing you could do.
  18. Are tickets being sold at the gate. Don't want to drive from Palestine just to find out no tickets being sold at the gate.
  19. Everything B.Robinson has ever said in any interview has shown him to be a individual that is not just all about himself. He is team oriented, believes that the game is about more than just him. He seems to be a loyal individual and loves where he is at and he is there for more than just football so I believe he will be back for one more year. He will also be the type to end up with a degree from UT also.
  20. Amen to this. Hard to change a culture with players who do not want to change or try to fake they are changing till poop hits the fan then they show their true colors again. Anybody who thought this was a one year fix was crazy. Like I said in another post all Sark saw was talent on the roster, the eye test everybody talks about, but when things got tough the real problems has rear it ugly head and I'm just waiting to see if he deals with it. The above tweet is one way to start dealing with it. The process make take longer than doing it with the players that are here, but if the players that are here don't want to buy in and put in the work and time and really care if they lose or win then they need to be told to hit the portal, regardless of the # of stars next to their names when they got here.
  21. I forgot the name but they have a very good Mexican restaurant in town and a decent steakhouse.
  22. I got nothing better to do, I'm still am going to this game if it gets lopsided I will go get something to eat early.
  23. This game being in Crockett and me living in Palestine means I may go see this one. The reason I am interested is because of how well New Waverly played Newton and how it seems a lot of people on here are taking exception of someone saying that West Rusk should not take them lightly. This could be a entertaining game. If not then still a short ride for me back home. If I had to bet money it would be that West Rusk wins by 10, but Tatum went out in the 1st round , Texas gets beat by Kansas at home, anything can happen. You don't win games on paper.
  24. There are a lot of things that could happen ,but if you go listing or posting everything that could happen on a message board you are bound to get some of them right. Does that mean you where right or just threw enough things up there to get one right. Texas is in a bad way right now, has been for a while. Sark did not know how bad it was. All he saw was talent on the roster. Well guess what. He knows now what some of us have known for awhile.
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