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  1. Been at this job almost 28 years. Retiring after this year. For those that ask about what other coaches thought about Coach Castles. He is well respected as a Coach and a Person as anyone can be in this field.
  2. Why would you assume this is a primary source. It is a source. The topic is Longhorn 2021 Thread.
  3. What gets tiring is I get on this site just to check on if some new staff hires or a new recruit and have to navigate around OU and A&M fans finding something negative to say about everyone of them. What is the point they are not coming to your school so why take the time to even worry about it.
  4. Game got played Saturday. Great game. I could not be there but watched it on my phone. My daughter was in hospital or I would have made it. Mexia pulled it out after a good comeback by Palestine. Mexia was up by 1 shooting 2 free throws with 23 sec left. Mexia missed both FTs but got the rebound and put back and after a missed 3 pt try by Palestine Mexia hit 2 clutch Free throws to Ice it. Was good to get this in when they did with all this bad weather that has hit. Good luck to Mexia the rest of the way and congrats to a youthful Palestine squad on a good year.
  5. We were told that by UIL that under no circumstance would it come down to a coin flip. Mexia was told this. What will end up happening is a lot of back to back games to the eventual winner of this game when it gets played. So no team benefits from these delays.
  6. At least you are getting to play. Palestine cannot get Mexia in the gym. Was going to play on Thursday but they let out of school early so no game. Changed to today so they say cannot play today because if you are not in school today they cannot play a game today. School policy. They know the weather is going to get worse. Scheduled to play Saturday. Well if they would not play on Thursday because of weather why would the play on Saturday when it will be worse. Now Palestine will have to file for a wavier to play on Monday when weather will be real bad. It almost looks like they don't want to
  7. I think Alabama wins this game, but it will be close. I am truly thankful we got to this point. It really looked touch and go there for a little bit. We made it through the season, the CFP is almost done. I pray we have as close to a normal season as possible next year.
  8. The catch phase now is ( whatever moves the needle ) is what they will say. Does not have to be right or wrong or true or false. Just move the needle.
  9. I really like what Saban said about Sark when asked before the game against ND. He always has an answer for the players when they have a question. Whether it is about a play call or how they do something. He does not just say do it because I said do it. Ha always has a good answer and relates well with all the players. I think Texas needs that right now. More than anything, ever who Texas hires, it would be nice if everyone would get behind the hire and get on the same page to start with. Charlie Strong did not stand a chance from the start. Certain boosters made sure of that. Until everybody
  10. Tough kids make tough players. I think in the lower divisions you are almost always better off having the toughest players than the most athletic players in a one game match up. In the 2nd half Jim Ned just took it to HV. Wore them down then gutted them up the middle and made the passes with one on one match ups when they had to.
  11. His record shows he wins more than 2 or 3 games a year. I am only going by what records were put in front of me. What I hate is knee jerk reactions over 2 bad years after 5 or 6 good years.
  12. I am a veteran to and I support people peacefully protesting however they want also, but I respect some like Jenkins that plays for the Eagles that is actually out in the community trying to make a difference. Kneeling to disrespect the flag to draw attention to a cause is kind of like praying in public. You want to be seen doing something good and righteous. If all you do is pray and kneel and your works don't support those actions. What are you really doing.
  13. From 2012 to 2018 your Coach went to 2 semi finals and twice went 3 or 4 rounds deep in two other years and you want to remove him for a bad year in 2019 and a screwed up COVID-20 year. I tell you this profession is just getting harder and harder to be in.
  14. I got to talk to Royal about 20 years ago at coaching school. It was great. Easy guy to talk to. So humble.
  15. I always wondered why OU did not pursue him hard to come back to OU, maybe they did though backdoor channels I don't know. I think deep down Royal was just loyal to Texas for sticking with him though the good and bad times. He was just a honest to good person who felt loyal.
  16. Yes that's a good example. Good patience by Clemson and they have been rewarded.
  17. I really don't mean to knock on Shula to hard but he is not Nick. My point is that it can be hit and miss going after the homerun hires. One never knows what your going to get right out of the bat and will the admin have the patience to wait like VT on Beamer or FSU on Bowden. Bama has not been perfect in this process either. They struck Gold with Nick and the Bear. Texas stuck gold with Royal and did just Ok with Mack.
  18. Alabama before Nick did not do so good in hiring also. Now Nick is getting on up there in age and won't be there forever. Let's wait and see if they go and hire another Curry or Shula to take his place. Roll Tide.
  19. Can you get tickets at the gate for this one on friday.
  20. Did the same thing I have done the last 4 years last night. Watched the Sands of Iwo Jima with John Wayne because it was the Marine Corps birthday, then I watched the 1st 4 episodes of Band of Brothers. Will watch the rest of Bands of Brothers tonight.
  21. How do I verify I am not a robot.
  22. Palestine's Freshmen team did not lose a game all year. Palestine should be alright the next couple of years.
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