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  1. USC W. Virginia Florida Texas Washington TCU Wisconsin Auburn Clemson Arizona 420
  2. Virginia Tech California U.C.L.A Texas West. Virginia Alabama Auburn LSU Oklahoma Washington.St A&M passing yds 250
  3. Oklahoma West Virginia Pitt Alabama USC Miami Ole Miss Texas Notre Dame Ohio Dame 50 points
  4. La.Tech Oklahoma LSU Auburn Michigan.St A&M KSU Washington FSU UCLA 60 pts
  5. I waited till my frustration level went down a notch or two. I think the tackling bothers me more than anything. How many times am I going to have to watch someone run out of control up to a ball carrier only to have the ball carrier side step him and run for another 10 or whatever yards. They act like somebody is just going to stand there and let them tee off on them. They don't break down at all. It is as poor as I have seen it in the 50 years that I have been following Texas football. I'm not a big fan of firing someone during the middle of the year ( Bedford ) but a man can be demoted if h
  6. Stanford USC Tennessee LSU WVU TCU Utah Texas Michigan Clemson 60 pts
  7. I was surprised that Groesbeck only beat them 18 to 15. Teague by 3 or more TDs.
  8. Seen both on film. going to be a good game. Newton puts 8 near or on the line of scrimmage and gets pressure in the backfield making most teams bounce it outside then run them down with their speed. If Crockett can spread them out by being able to throw catch consistently than this will help in the running game and Crockett's defense is much improved from last year. Newton is Newton but Crockett is better this year than last year. I will take Crockett by 6.
  9. Utah Washington Florida Baylor Michigan St. Ole Miss W. Virginia Auburn Stanford A&M 295 yds
  10. I just hope this is not a sign of things to come in the future. I don't want Texas to become a Baylor or Texas Tech having to score over 40 to 50 points to win games because of a high tempo offense that makes a defense play more snaps in every game.
  11. Houston FSU Nebraska Alabama Texas Tech LSU A&M Notre Dame Oklahoma Texas Total Points 76
  12. N.C State Pitt Cinn MSU TCU Utah Tenn San Diego St Duke Texas Tech 400yds
  13. I think he just is trying to keep both happy and at ND.
  14. Yoe Pride was you alive in 1922. I thought the question was " the best team you have seen ? "
  15. 1983 Dangerfield Tigers. Keep waiting to see one better. Seen some be close to being as good but not better.
  16. It is just the first week of the season but South Alabama and Southern Mississippi, Louisiana Tech are really not suppose to beat SEC West teams. Lets face it Tennessee looked bad against App. State. Paul Finnbaun said it best when he said if Ole Miss does not look good Monday the gap between Alabama and the rest of the SEC will be much wider than its ever been and a case could be made for parity catching up with the rest of the conference in some cases. Remember, not my opinion but one I agree with.
  17. This should be one of the better games this week. Wish I could see this but work is taking me somewhere else. By the way I have never understood the dumping on what D-1 school a kid goes to. I realize their are different tiers but if you are being recruited by a D-1 school your a pretty good player.
  18. Jamarius Clewis Westwood TB, 22 carries 227 yds 3 Tds in 61 to 22 win vs Frankston. Red Horse Warren Westwood FB, 12 carries 121 Yds 2 Tds in 61 to 22 vs over Frankston. Darius Turner, OLB Westwood, 8 total tackles, 2 sacks, 1 force fumble, 1 fumble recovery, 1 tackle for loss. in 61 to 22 win vs Frankston.
  19. 1. Minnesota 2 .Oklahoma 3. A&M 4. LSU 5. Alabama 6. Clemson 7. BYU 8. Georgia 9. Texas 10. FSU 50 pts.
  20. Teague, Malakoff, West & Groesbeck are all ranked in the top 20 in a lot of the polls. The only district that is as tough as that one is the one with Franklin, Cameron, Jarrell , Rockdale, & Troy. So yes I to believe Crockett would have trouble making the playoffs in either of these districts.
  21. The transition to the spread can be brutal that first year sometimes early in the year.
  22. Cannot believe this post has gone this far and Cross Roads has not been mentioned.
  23. The civil war was fought because the south and north disagreed on how new states would become states. The south thought the states should decide for them self if they would be a free state or slave state. Congress pass a law saying all new territories that applied for statehood would be free states from now on. The south would not stand for this because they knew in the long run they were going to be out numbered in congress and eventually slavery would be abolished.
  24. 514

    Softball Playoffs

    Westwood vs Central Pollock Thursday 7 pm In Madisonville.
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