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  1. I have been doing this 20 plus years. You have to be careful. Kids today will bate you into doing something knowing they are wrong and being disrespectful but that you will get in more trouble for what you did. The student can laugh and talk while you are talking and you slap him on his helmet, then he of course makes it sounds worse than what it is and this is what you get.I get that you dont want to blindly follow a coach but why do some of you blindly follow the kids in what ever they say. You know the truth is usually somewhere in the middle.
  2. I as a parent always thought Core values = Common sense. Most parents teach them anyway.
  3. Lobo I think you are completely correct. Even if he did mess up you still have to discipline the young men your coaching. No body is perfect. It's not like he kicks them off for the first offense anyway.
  4. I would like to bring up just one then move on. A Coach's record at one place can be deceiving. If your at Alto for 6 years and have a record of 54 and 6 but another Coach at a school that has a bad history of losing and his record is only 42-18 . Which on is the most impressive.
  5. 514


    Westwood scrimmages Malakoff Monday 5:00
  6. I was in the U,S.M.C for 6 years and have been a UT fan for over 50 years. Only team I root for. I believe this rubbed off on my nephew, He join the Marines and has been a UT fan all his life. After a tour in Afghanistan and a stint in the Military Police my nephew got out of the Marines but had to go to college in California because his girlfriend got pregnant and they got married she wanted to sty close to home. He now works for a police department in California but still makes 2 football games a year. Believe me he catches hell out there for being a UT fan and living in California. Bad reco
  7. T-shirt fan. I guess I will never get this. My nephew grew up loving UT. His plans was to join the Marine Corp, and when he got out go to college at UT. As fate would have it after a tour in Afghanistan he met a young lady from Irvine California. An un-expected pregnancy happens they get married and have been married the last 12 years. So after he got out of the U,S.M.C she with a baby and he wanting to go to college they stayed in California close to her family so they could help out. He has been working for the Riverside police department for 8 years. He makes 2 UT football games a year and
  8. Willie Everete and Coach Settle both weight more than 210 . Willie was near 300 if memory has not failed me. I believe there was a couple more than just those two. Willie Everete and Coach Settle both weight more than 210 . Willie was near 300 if memory has not failed me. I believe there was a couple more than just those two.
  9. I for one like the direction Texas is going. I think they improved this year and got some good Qbs coming in. I don't think they need the headache that Murray and his Dad would bring to the table. Let him go to OU if they want him.
  10. Im not offended but to say someone has no chance in a world that has had so many upsets in the past is not wise. If I was a betting man and betting on every game played I would have to put my money on Refugio but Lovelady does have a chance.
  11. The facemask call is tough call but you cant pull it no matter what. You can stiff arm it but once you close your fingers even a little that is a facemask. Have to call it. It not safe on the player who's helmet is being pulled. Great game. Wish more games were like this. A throw back game.
  12. Golfinut Westwood beat Malakoff then they played and beat Winona on Saturday. Was just looking at your results and saw where it was incorrect. No big deal just wanted to let you know the right results. Did you find out the Athens Gladewater score. if so could you post it.
  13. Westwood went 3-1 in Tournament. Beat Gladewater lost to Brownsboro then beat Malakoff and Winona. Just had a off night and got beat bad by Brownsboro which by point difference put them in consolation side of bracket. Good Tournament. Paris is real good.
  14. As a High School football fan I was hoping and praying for this game. I have a friend we call Pappy Pratt that is in his 70s I play golf with him every weekend. I told him I would carry him to this game if it happened. I'm really for Teague seeing Westwood is in the same district but he is from Cameron. He keeps up with them the best he can but can't travel well so I'm going to bring him and have to sit on Cameron's side. Can't wait to see this game.
  15. Watch Westwood play mexia without their 6'5 post and it was nip and tuck the whole way. Game could of went either way. First game for both teams. If you take Westwood lightly you lose. I can see them being very good come playoff time.
  16. These teams have met in the playoffs before and it always seems to be a close game. I think I will make this one. Gilmer in a close one but would not be suprised if Mexia won.
  17. upullinmychain how was Westwood's field last week to play on.
  18. Make sense, I have been trying to figure out how Houston can blow out Vanderbilt then the next week Florida has to kick a game winning FG to beat Vanderbilt and Houston can't get out of the 20s. Ohio's St sos is as weaks as Baylors yet they are where they are, there has to be some reason.
  19. Well EC just beat Westwood 15 - 14. Was a tough game for 4 qts. Maybe the all so strong district 12 is not as strong as they think they are, or maybe 11 is not as weak as they thought we were.
  20. Well so much for getting beat by 3 or 4 Tds. Good game Westwood,
  21. 14-9 Westwood 1:39 left in the 3rd.
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