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  1. East Chambers 9 Westwood 7 at half.
  2. I think Elkhart does have a good Football Coaching staff. Those that think other wise don't know as much about this sport as they think. Teague is still going to win. They have a good staff to but more importantly they have the horses. Teague by 3 or 4 tds.
  3. Westwood takes 20 to 0 lead in the 4th then hold on and wins 20 to 14. Really until onside kick with 39 sec left Westwood was really in control the whole game.
  4. If he starts this week it becomes moot anyway. All will be forgiven. He will have got what he wanted which is playing time. He wont be going anywhere then.
  5. I am interested to see how Murray will react if he is not name the starter for this weeks game with the position being re-opened. By the way this was reported on ESPN,s web site. ( Position being up for grabs ).
  6. Sumlin just sat all three QBs down and said all would be evaluated this week and a starter named Saturday. Looks like Murry has a chance to start sooner than latter.
  7. It seems that Iowa St always plays Texas tough especially in Ames . Texas but in a close one.
  8. I find it hard to belive that the Coaches at EF want to be soft and want to lose. You act as if the drills are set up to teach this.
  9. It is going to be a fun game to be at. Most of the time it is a close and competitive game. Still think Westwood in a close one although I believe the Elks have won the last 2 out of 3.
  10. Do you think they will contact Coach Strong at UT. Not saying he would go but who knows.
  11. Game is at Westwood. This is a rival game that both teams would be up for with nothing on the line. The two teams really have a dislike for each other but I think there is mutual respect between the teams. With Elkhart losing to Kemp and their last game is against Teague this is a must win for Elkhart to get into the playoffs so Westwood has a chance to knock them out of the playoffs. If Westwood was to lose they could still get in on points by beating Kemp in last game. I think Westwood wins a close one at home on senior night.
  12. Having seen Westwood play both teams I really think if both teams play up to their potential Teague should beat Malakoff by 2 or 3 TDs. Teague is just much better up front on both sides of the ball. I do think Malakoff can create some mismatches with their wide outs though. Malakoff's has some tall rangy fast wide outs that you can just throw it up two and just say go get it. I just don't think that is going to be enough.
  13. 1.Houston 2.Utah 3.TCU 4.OU 5.West Virginia 6.Florida.St 7.Wisconsin 8.Michigan 9.Alabama 10.Florida Tie Breaker 58
  14. I still think strong given time can get it done but I also believe you give Chad Morris the keys to UT and turn him loose He could do something very special at UT.
  15. WET I don't agree with you a lot. But you are right on point about a spy vs game planning.
  16. I got out of it a while back. One of the first things they tell you is you can't call it if you did not see it. As an official if you turn and think you saw something that is not good enough. Example. Your following the ball turn back a little and see def player going down with a offense player right behind him. He might have blocked him in the back but there feet could have tangled up to. In all levels this year it seems a lot of calls are being made that just don't just don't make no sense. I don't think they have a agenda just to much guess work. If it is not clear don't call it.
  17. 1. Miami 2. A&M 3. UCLA 4. Virginia Tech 5, Missouri 6. Oklahoma 7. Georgia 8. TCU 9. Baylor 10. Notre Dame Tiebreaker TT-Baylor total yards 900.
  18. Here is the choices if player is truly injured and offense is in hurry up mode and not giving you enough time to sub him out. 1. Have him play though it and take a chance on making it worse. 2. Call a time out if you can. 3. Take a five yard penalty. 4. Player can go down till trainer comes out to check him out and he can be replaced. 2 and 4 are the really only choices you have. why is this so hard to understand. If you have no time outs or your tring to win the game number 4 is what you do. Now using number 4 just to sub through out the game is wrong. I understand where you ar
  19. 1.Tennessee 2.UCLA 3.USC 4.Oregon 5.A&M 6.Mississippi.St 7.Missouri 8.Michigan 9.Texas 10.TCU Tie Breaker Baylor vs Rice 70 pts
  20. Well at least there was improvement. I was excited for the first half. These next 3 games wont get any better, Im starting to think Baylor is the weakest of the 3.
  21. Just get inside the 10 and throw it up to 4. They all but tell the defense there going to do it.
  22. Not only was 66 block stupid. There was no point in it but to try to hurt someone. I hope that was not his intent but god how stupid can you be.
  23. If someone is injured they should be allowed to get off without team getting a penalty.
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