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  1. Well if Scorestream is right I did not see this coming . Elkhart 16 Huntington 14.
  2. You just had to take the bait and get him started. My vote for comedian of the year.
  3. My prediction is Westwood beats Trinity this week. That will set up a show down with Huntington vs Westwood for 4th place unless Trinity upsets Crockett. If Westwood could put together two good back to back games they could go to the playoffs. I just would not bet on it. I think Coldsprings gets in with just 3 losses. If I was forced to put money on it. 1st Diboll 2nd Crockett 3rd Coldsprings 4th Huntington
  4. I think Huntington is the best bet to get 4th. All they have to do is beat Elkhart and Westwood. They should have no problem with Elkhart. As far as Westwood goes they are streaky. Hard for them to put 2 good games together back to back so they will lose one to either Trinity or Huntington. If Trinity beats Westwood this week then they become the favorite to get the 4th spot because they hold the head to head over Huntington. I don't think they can beat Crockett though, but that will still leave them in 4th. The key game this week like someone else said is Westwood vs Trinity. Lot o
  5. Please don't get him started.
  6. Will this game be streamed by someone.
  7. Will have to admit, this made me laugh.
  8. In the East Texas Pickem I went back and forth on this game. I picked Dangerfield because they are at home but I am not real comfortable with it after how PP played their last game against DeKalb.
  9. You try to be obtuse on purpose, and when somebody calls you out it you call him a bully. I would think you would laugh if off.
  10. You are Correct JImmy Thompsom is a very good Coach. You don't win as many games as he has and not know what your doing. I just think Crockett is one of those places that could be like Carthage, Aledo, Mart, Malakoff, ect those places that kind of reload every year and have a chance to make a run at it. They seem to never be on the short end of athletes.
  11. Does anybody really know anyone in politics or just what the media tells you who they are. I bet no one on here has even really met either candidate in person ever. All I can really go by this election is if Seattle and Portland which are examples of certain cities run by the Dem. their State run by the Dem. Then I know I don't want none of that. How could anybody want to live like that.
  12. They have really never lacked for talent. If the right person comes in their that place could really take off. Have not seen them in person the last 2 years. Coached at a school that was in and out of their district for 21 years so I have coached against them on the defensive side about 10 games. Been out of football since 2018 for back related issues and getting ready to retire in a year or 2.
  13. That's why I said if Westwood could clean up their discipline issues they could play Diboll a good game. At the Elkhart game they were penalized like Crockett was at Westwood and it was their fault. It is easy to blame the Refs. What Crockett needs is another Driskel at the helm of their program, but I am afraid that ship has sailed. Jamie took over similar type kids at Malakoff and they play discipline ball over there. I hope both teams do well from here on out but need to clean some things up.
  14. I have only seen one Westwood game. That was at Elkhart. They kept shooting them self in the foot with stupid penalty's. Un-discipline type stuff. Still won game by 4 scores. Talked to a guy who was at Crockett game. Said Crockett scored on Westwood with 2 scoop and scores. If not for that and some other stuff they could have won that game. Then you listen to Max from Crockett and the Refs kept it from being 40 to 0. So I don't know what to believe. If they play like I saw them play in Elkhart, Diboll will thump them. I hope its a good game, and they learn how to when a game like that on the r
  15. I did not see the play so not going to comment on that play. Was at Palestine game. My point is Refs call what they see and don't have a agenda as you suggest ever time someone gives Crockett a game.
  16. Diboll won a forfeit vs Elkhart. Elkhart may have to forfeit the next 2 games because of Covid 19
  17. Max you finally figured it out. Before games are assigned we refs all get together and remind each other that we need to mess Crockett over. We do this just in case a new guy has been hired we did not know about. Dang you caught us.
  18. These post are very entertaining. Have no dog in this fight, just love reading interesting treads. plus I keep up with Jo a little . Was at Westwood many years. When Graylyn Crawford was our Qb one of yall's posters knew his dad from back in the day and would be on the Westwood treads in support of him.
  19. I just want to see a sound well coached defense go out and play and I can live with the results. Alignment and gap integrity issues have got to stop. Texas has good enough players on defense if they line up correctly and run to the ball and tackle they would be pretty good. Get a base defense stay in it , stunt if you have to. Bring in a DB for a Lb in Nickle sometimes but stay in pretty much close to you base defense so they are not so confuse and can use their athletic ability to run to the ball. If you ever watch Alabama or Clemson play they may do exotic stunts or go nickle with a db in an
  20. I would like to change my previous post. Crockett beat Westwood in 06. That was Graylyn Crawfords Junior yr. Westwood beat them in 07 and 08 and I believe 09 and has not beat them since.
  21. I know Coach Bishops brother is a coach their, but don't know if he is OC or was a alumni.
  22. Westwood won in 06, 07, and O8. In 08 they won district that year because they beat Crockett and Palestine lost to Crockett and Fairfield that year. Palestine was Westwood's only district loss 58-56. Believe the district was Brownsboro, Athens, Palestine, Crockett, Fairfield, and Westwood. I think Palestine did not make playoffs that year but still beat Westwood. Those few years they were in the same district were a crazy time in Palestine.
  23. Westwood will have to play more discipline and not have self inflicted things pop up like the Elkhart game to keep it close, if they can do that, this could be a good game, and they could pull it out. My heart say's Westwood, but my money would be on Crockett.
  24. SOS. Still have a defense that is unsound in gap alignment and until it gets fixed defense will suffer. Never heard of leaving both A gaps open and spreading your inside lb outside almost to the D gap when a team goes empty in the backfield. How to you not expect to get gashed up the middle. Before QB took off I told my brother Qb draw would gash us. Now I understand that they had one of the ends looping inside but you cannot count on him covering 2 gaps. The gap in the middle is to dang big.
  25. Those last two pass interference calls for both teams were BS. The Refs are sucking the joy out of this game by doing there job so bad.
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