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  1. I use to be hard on refs in the game then on Saturday looked at film and felt bad about some of the things I told them or called them after seeing our players getting lazy with their feet and holding or whatever.
  2. Looks like I got this pick right.
  3. Until you watch the film never assume the Ref got it wrong. Two things for sure, the refs don't care who wins, and it sounds like it is a entertaining game.
  4. I agree with this. That is what a team like Clemson and other teams in the past have done to either beat or put a scare in Alabama have done. Cannot just let those big ole safeties stay up close to the line of scrimmage taking away the run and all the under passing lanes away.
  5. I am not at all disagreeing with you. Just saying that 2 years ago that 7th and 8th teams in Athens when they are Juniors and Seniors should be pretty solid if they are still around. Their starting QB this year is a Soph from that group.
  6. Athens is a year away from being pretty good.
  7. I take back everything I said in my last post. I spoke to soon. The 3rd qt tackling is bad. Overshown cannot get in the right place to help in pass coverage or even make a tackle. He gets in no mans land and cannot help in coverage or get a tackle. Going to have to score 60 to win.
  8. I don't think it is as bad as last year but their have been some miss tackles in the secondary that needs to be cleaned up. The coverage has been much better. Some small windows have just been hit by Bowman and Tech's tall receivers have just gone up and made some good catches on some good contested balls. I have seen some of this same sloppy tackling and mistakes from every team I have watch this year. For the 2nd game this year I still think overall still better than last year.
  9. I could not stand it when a team put a TE on the field an we would not even cover him up. just gave the edge up or let him release and have free reign on any Lb or Safety he wanted to block. That drove me crazy. Was taught early on as a coach got to always cover the TE up.
  10. I was always told the player has to be eligible somewhere. Now does the school have to play him, no. but he is eligible.
  11. well I got this pick right.
  12. Back when I was coaching I had the privilege of coaching against EF when Chris Harris was their RB. We lost in overtime on an option play when he got the edge on us and scored and we did not make a 4th and 1. Will not name the school as some will just make lite of them and I see no need in that. Chad Morris was your AD Head football coach at that time and your players were well coached and well mannered. Was a good game. Not going to argue with anybody on here. Try to get some insight on here on who to pick on the pickem , but sometimes its hard to get through all the BS.
  13. I to was at that game. Not from either school. Just like seeing good games that time of year. It's amazing that one person can see a 16-18 year old young man in the heat of the game telling a teammate what his mistake was and what he has to do to not let it happen again, and another person see's screaming and in-fighting among players. I thought both teams handle their self very well. One had to lose one had to win . Both have a fine tradition and have won a State Championship before. Sometimes when some schools get close but can't get over the hump and win it all it seems all their fans can d
  14. That is no joke. I mph over and they will write you up. No such thing as a warning in Frankston.
  15. Palestine will do what they did last year which was improve a little every single game on the little things like blocking and tackling. I know this seems very simplistic but Coach Angel does a good job of just keeping it simple in practice with working on fundamentals .
  16. Don’t think so. Got to hand it to the Rusk QB. He has took some shots but he hangs right in there and slings it. If not for a drop early in the game Rusk would have scored after Palestines 1st fumble.
  17. Palestine is dominating on the line of scrimmage. Rusk has not really pee a drop on offense. Palestine has fumbled 5 times in the first half and find themselves ahead 9-7. Lucky to be ahead with 5 turnovers. Defense playing lights out but on the field to long in the first half
  18. I agree. lets talk football. This is a sports forum. I will take Tyler Legacy also. Think it will be close though. Those Lufkin kids are tough.
  19. I am glad I Work at a place that cares for its employees and is trying to do the right thing for us at this time. In the future if things keep going the way they are going I cannot see them year after year paying us for not coaching. This year the plan is to keep paying as we go and see what happens. It would set a bad precedent for the future if some school does not pay this year and coaches leave then next year a vaccine is discovered and things get back to close to normal. Coaches are going to be a little worried about signing on somewhere that did not look after their employees this year.
  20. Watson 3 $ Elliott 4 $ Cooper 4 $ Adams 1 $
  21. That 2010 game was the best HS game I ever watched in person so far. I'm only 60 so I still got time to see some more games but it is going to be hard to top that one.
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