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  1. I would think with Coach Angel being in Palestine for a whole year of off season would only make them better not worse.
  2. Good luck to all local softball teams.
  3. On here no one from Dangerfield complained about the refs. Man get off of it. Don't know about the game but all these people on smoaky from Dangerfield have not said one word about the refs, just PP. Give it a rest. Sounded like a great game .
  4. Yeah wish I could get to Longview tonight to see the game against PG. Thats going to be a good one.
  5. He did great job the one year he was at Westwood. His wife did a great job with the volleyball team also.
  6. The RB for CC is very good (committed to Washington). Makes plays sometimes out of nothing. Offensive line is very nasty. Pulling for Gilmer but its a toss up game I think.
  7. No sir. Coached at Westwood for 20 plus years. At Palestine now.
  8. Tell your Head Basketball Coach over their Coach Reed said hello and good luck this year . I will be bringing a softball team to Franklin this year and hope to see him and his wife.
  9. Wasn't Coach Little at Emory Rains the last time they did anything in football. It amazes me how coaches like these that can go to places that have a hard time winning in football till they hire someone like little but it is hard for some of the better football schools to take a chance on them. Example. Frazier at West Rusk but nobody else around the County wanted to take a chance on him.
  10. November 4, 2005. High School Coach so I try not to post to much.
  11. Utah Baylor Louisiana Miami.Oh UAB Memphis Georgia Boise.St Clemson Ohio.St Ohio.St 31 Pts
  12. I had to many bad weeks in a row. 4 games back is to many to make up unless some upsets come through.
  13. Where is 514 on this list. It shows me going 7-3 on week 14
  14. Maybe my brain is going soft or something but I get what WET is saying. He is not blaming a lack of development of players on the coaches from Texas as the problem. He believes that they were over ranked classes to begin with. I think in some respect that whenever a Texas or Alabama, A&M, Michigan, ect offer a kid thats not highly ranked every ranking service ask them-self what did we miss and give them a bump. It is not just a Texas thing.
  15. Ole Miss Texas Iowa Washington TCU Ohio. St Alabama Wisconsin LSU ASU A&M vs LSU Total Pts 74
  16. Cannot begin to explain the effect Coach Angel has had on these young men and the coaching staff since he got here. It is not that he is so much a Rah Rah gets them going type of leader but he instills a quite confidence in players and staff alike. Players win ball games but him and his staff have done a great job. The next game will be a tough one as Midlothian Heritage is a complete team. They are very complimentary as for as run pass. One thing you can count on though Palestine will be prepared and play 4 quarters.
  17. NC.State Stanford Ohio.St Oklahoma.St Georgia Texas SMU Nebraska Kansas.St Cincinnati A&M vs Georgia Pt Differential 10.
  18. Coach Angel Palestine. The job he did in that district and winning a game in the playoffs. Not a lot of people saw that coming.
  19. USC Michican Texas Tech Notre Dame Georgia Virginia.Tech Texas Minnesota Arizona.St Baylor Baylor - Oklahoma Total Pts 72
  20. The Hays kid is the real deal. He the kind of kid that does not need to send in a highlight video because he goes 100 mph on every play anyway.
  21. U.S.M.C 1981-1987 3/1 India Co. 3rd Plt.
  22. Temple Penn.St. Baylor W.Virginia Purdue Alabama Texas Arizona.St Wisconsin Washington.St. Point Differential LSU-Alabama- 4
  23. If favorites win. Carthage 5-0 Palestine 3-2 Henderson 3-2 Kilgore 2-3 Van 2-3 Chapel Hill 0-5 1st Carthage 2nd Palestine 3rd Henderson 4th Kilgore
  24. I was told if Palestine won by 7 they would be in playoffs. Can anyone confirm this.
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