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  1. Nebraska N.Carolina Georgia Wake FSU Oklahoma.St Utah Pitt Memphis Oregon Total pts Florida and Georgia 42 pts
  2. SMU Ohio.St Iowa A&M LSU Penn.St Texas Iowa.St Stanford Michigan Ohio.St Wisconsin total pts 50
  3. Two things, both have been mention before but someone needs to explain one of them to me. Yes the Inside LB are horrible at pass coverage in any zone defense, that's number 1. Number 2 is why in heaven do we leave a TE uncovered on the LOS to get free release to go block anyone they choose. I don't care if a rover or safety is 4 yds back and one yd outside of TE he can still get to anywhere he wants quickly. By doing this its hard to have force and keep and hold leverage on any outside run plays because TE can release so easy. I was always taught as a young coach never leave a TE uncovered
  4. Taking my grandson to his first Longhorn game tonight. Any suggestions on things to do before game to enhance his goodtime at the game. I have not been to a game since his dad ( my son) died 10 years ago.
  5. You can be physical in any offense. Trap is trap, counter is counter, power is power, all blocked the same way in any formation. The major difference in some spread teams is that some spread teams offensive linemen put their hand in the dirt and some don't. The ones that don't tend to be a little softer. Harder to fire off keep leverage without hand in the ground. I have seen some very physical spread teams that spread you out just to run.
  6. Pitt Iowa.St Oregon SMU Virginia Ok.St. Utah Penn.St A&M USC Texas Pts 34
  7. He come across as a me me me player. I think in the short run ( will not be at any program 3 or 4 years ) he will hurt your team more than help. To tell you the truth I hope he grows up and proves me wrong. I would prefer some other team than Texas take that chance. I like the direction Texas is headed.
  8. Miami Texas Alabama Wisconsin Arizona. St Baylor Iowa St. Missouri Penn St. LSU Texas OU total Pts 76
  9. Michigan Oklahoma.St Iowa.St Auburn Kansas.St Nebraska Washington UCF Air Force Ole Miss Tie Breaker: Auburn @ Florida 37 points
  10. Guess I should have read a little more before I posted . Regaleagle makes my post a peat and re-peat statement.
  11. Then I must be really old because back in my day only 1 team went.
  12. California Oklahoma A&M Washington Baylor SMU FSU South Carolina Utah North Texas State OU total Pts 42
  13. I don't get this T-Shirt fan bull. A man from the State of Texas gets his degree while he is in the U.S.M.C serving his country. Does not have the opportunity to go to UT but being from Texas he been a Longhorn fan all his life. He is not permitted to throw up a Hookem.
  14. Utah A&M Mich.St OLE Miss W.Virginia Wisconsin Missouri Oregon Texas Georgia ND Scores 17 Points
  15. Maryland Miss.State. NC.State UCF Michican St. Iowa TCU Texas Tech SMU Florida Tiebreaker. A&M 60 pts
  16. Should have been happy being down 6. Go in make adjustments see what happens.
  17. At home I believe you kick the FG. Especially the 2nd time.
  18. Final 49-48 Jacksonville.
  19. 41 to 20 Palestine at half.
  20. Missouri Georgia Tech Clemson Nebraska SMU Ole Miss Miami Tennessee Texas USC Tie Breaker Texas/LSU total Pts 46
  21. Florida UCLA Wisconsin OLE Miss S.Carolina SMU Northwestern FSU Virginia Tech Auburn 47 pts Direct TV was working on my Dish and connection for 3 plus Hrs . Im a little lat understand if you don't take it.
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