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  1. Did anyone see the Athens at Palestine scrimmage. How did it go.
  2. Been doing this for over 20 plus years and cannot tell you how may times when I got started how many students told me that they would be their kids best friend. I would ask them in class would you let your best friend discipline you. Not a one said yes. The problem is they have their kids young and try to be their best friend instead of raising them. A whole generation of students that lack discipline and don't respect their parents because they did not have any. Therefore they lack respect for any authority figure at all.
  3. I don't care who you are that's funny.
  4. I was told by a coach that played at Carthage and was a Lb at Texas his name slips my mind at this time but he was coaching at a Jr.High basketball game and he said he thinks Dixon is a better overall runner than his older brother
  5. There has been some movement on this. Someone on another media site said the job was filled.
  6. Can someone explain the Refs call on the missed field goal in the 4th. The center never got touched. Not even close to getting touched. That call changed momentum and almost change the outcome of the game.
  7. I went for upsets to try to catch up and it caught up with me the last 2 weeks.
  8. Washington Texas Stanford Memphis Alabama Boise. St Clemson Ohio. St Marshall Middle Tennessee St. Tie Breaker OU vs Texas Total Pts. 90
  9. 1. Miss. St 2. Memphis 3. W. Virginia 4. Washington. St 5. ASU 6. Michigan 7. Boston College 8. Pittsburgh 9. Texas A&M 10. Boise State OU vs WV pts 82
  10. An OK.St win then who wins between Oklahoma and West Virginia does matter. If Texas wins out they are in Big 12 Championship.
  11. Amen. I like the fact it did away with the 1st round bye. I remember when only one team went to the playoffs and people complained. Will never please everybody, so lets just sit back and enjoy some playoff football.
  12. W. Virginia UCF Nebraska USC Oregon Baylor Miami ND Missouri Texas Citadel 120 Yds
  13. Ohio. St Penn. St A&M ASU Florida OU Kentucky Iowa Iowa. St Texas 70 pts TT vs Tx
  14. A&M Ole Miss Oklahoma St. Georgia Texas Purdue TCU Michigan Florida Alabama Points OU vs TT 78
  15. Go back and look at the QB for OK.St 2 touchdown runs. On one of the touchdowns #33 the ILB is in good position filling inside but for some reason Foster #25 falls for a juke inside. If he just keeps filling outside the QB loses yards on that play. To make matters worse the Safety behind him takes the same path as he does. If those 2 don't fill the same lane as ILB#33 the QB loses yards on that play. Go back and look at it. Now I know that is not the way it is practice on any level even in middle school. I don't think it is coaching just young players that need more playing time and experie
  16. W Virginia Missouri Florida WSU S. Carolina Texas A&M Penn. St Iowa. St Houston Texas Tiebreaker 52 pts
  17. Don't know details but was told Highway Patrol had to escort Westwood out of Trinity after fight at game.
  18. To me there are 2 kinds of spread teams. Those that want to run at a fast pace basketball on grass and those that get in it and throw just enough to keep you honest and not load the box.
  19. Spread is also a formation. There are teams that get in it and run it with a H-back and do a lot of wing stuff out of it.
  20. Stanford Michigan Oklahoma Iowa Clemson LSU Oregon Kentucky Utah UCLA
  21. TCU Utah Florida Oklahoma St. Georgia Washington Texas A&M Iowa St Michigan Total Pts LSU vs Georgia 40
  22. All he has to do is turn his head a little and that PI never gets called. To much contact for not turning head back. As a defensive coach I don't like but been that way for awhile.
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