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  1. This is why a lot of teams play cupcakes on first game. Teams are tired of hitting each other don't read keys correctly and just want yo run and bash someone. I think Herman comparing it to Mice and Men was a little over the top but I got what he was saying.
  2. BYU LSU OU Stanford Auburn A&M Cal South Carolina Baylor Notre Dame Total Pts 52
  3. 1.Washington 2.Oregon 3.Texas Tech 4.Texas 5.Mississippi.St 6.Washingtpn.St 7.TCU 8.Ohio.St 9.ND 10.Kentucky OK Baylor total points 62
  4. Heard there was some kind of back and forth between a member of the chain crew and Westwood Coach and player. A member of chain crew had to be replaced. Can someone confirm this.
  5. Amen to that. Take the choice of back using his speed out of play.
  6. Ingram has got to understand that on 3rd and 1 your first move cannot be left and right, has got to be downhill.
  7. Just going by scores and improvement from week to week I think the winner of Westwood vs Coldsprings gets 4th place.
  8. 1.Temple 2.USC 3.Virgina 4.Alabama 5.Baylor 6.TCU 7.OK.St 8.Florida 9.Stanford 10.Washington Tie Breaker A&M 13 pts
  9. 1.OU 2.Syracuse 3.Auburn 4.BSU 5.Florida 6.Baylor 7.Houston 8.Ohio St. 9.Texas 10.Washington Texas 200 passing yds.
  10. 1.Miss.st 2.Houston 3.OU 4.Georgia 5.Colorodo 6.Iowa.St 7.Clemson 8.Penn St. 9.Stanford 10.Mich St. Texas 42 pts
  11. 1.Colorado 2.Texas 3.Ole Miss 4.Auburn 5.W.Virgina 6.N.Carolina 7.N.D 8.SMU 9.Alabama 10.Arizona Murray 220 passing Yds.
  12. Athens also look good against Palestine last Thursday winning the live half of play 22 to 15. I will take Athens in a close one.
  13. This statement is so true. So many times a school can be a place that is known as a good place to work as a coach or a teacher . Then someone that has not been a superintendent very long will come in and want to do drastic changes so that he can use that for his next job if the changes workout. Another school in the area is going through something similar like this now. It does not matter the families that it affects as long as in the long run the narcissistic micro managing administrator gets his way.
  14. The Westwood vs Grandview will be at 7:00 at Corsicana HS. No double Header.
  15. Westwood and Grandview will be playing at Corsicana High School Tuesday. Time still to be determine. Will be 6 or 7 depends if their is a double header involved.
  16. Westwood beat McGregor 60 to 29. Play Grandview next for the right to go to regionals.
  17. Always have and still do have respect for your tradition though, Best high school game I sit watch was you Dangerfield in the state championship game. God what a game.
  18. You would be surprise of the amount of coaches that read this site. They just don't comment on them much. There might be a reason so many of your coaches are from their. If many coaches are reading all of this, this place runs the town, this group runs the school, we won't put up with this, Why would this be a good place to go to or bring your family, to sit though all this in the stands. It is one thing to have a well informed fan base when it comes to the game, but sometimes it can go overboard.
  19. As far as travel goes Franklin came out on the short end of the stick. As far as Football them and Diboll should be the odds on favorites.
  20. Coach Hayes has done a great job at Westwood. His wife is retired and now he has decided to retire. I believe he along with others In administration are involved with getting someone that will be a good fit for Westwood.
  21. Coached against him when he was Head Coach at Mexia. Class act. Very good coach and even better man.
  22. Because of a schedule mistake Westwood is looking for another tournament to enter Feb 15-17 or a game to play Friday the 16th. Coach David Reed Found a Tournament. Thank You.
  23. Don't know that answer, but their basketball team is having a great year. Just beat Teague to go 6-0 in first round of district. 25-2 for the year and ranked number 5 in the state.
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