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  1. Got a scrimmage for Jan 29. Still looking for a Feb 5-10th scrimmage.
  2. You do know they beat Buffalo 85 to 57. I think Teague won 75 to 73. It was in Buffalo though. I expect a closer game when Westwood goes their.
  3. Will see. they have played a good scheduled. Beat Ponder by 16. Played some good 4a teams in the Franklin and Houston co. Tournaments in winning those. Should be a good game.
  4. Can.t speak for Shelbyville , but look at Westwood. Number 5 in 3a in basketball and won 2 football games in 2 years. Not all of Westwood's players on the hardwood play football. For Westwood 4 of the players on the varsity played football the rest were in basketball off-season. But in all honesty only one could have helped in football, the others would have got crushed. Two different sports. I watch Westwood play Malakoff in basketball. Malakoff had more athletes, Westwood had more basketball players, their is a difference. Tenaha is usually lucky and has both.
  5. Westwood won Holiday Tournament in Crockett/Grapeland. . Could have come at a high price . Their overall best big man hurt his knee during the Crockett game. Could be torn MCL or just a strain. Will have to wait till a MRI is done.
  6. Can anybody tell me how this tournament came out. What teams were there. Who stood out, and was there any surprise teams that played well that nobody thought of. Kind of got all the scores from other tournaments but have not heard much from this one.
  7. I'm 56 years old. Been a UT fan all my life. Sent one kid their. My dream is to retire soon move closer to be able to see more games. During my time in the U.S.M.C 81-87 there was some highs and lows especially having to live in California. I am not satisfied with 6-5 by no means. I expect and want more. I am happy about being bowl eligible . That leads to a lot of good things mentioned above. We have a new coach and have to start somewhere. We are a offensive line away from being a very good team. God knows we finally know how to tackle. Could hardly watch some games last year. Some fans ar
  8. Have not seen Rockdale this year but scouted them a few years back against China Springs in a game they had won until the last few minutes. They did beat a very good Malakoff team but that did not surprise me. Malakoff is a good team but was not as good at the WR position as they were last year. West gets the most out of what they have of all the teams you mentioned. They might not be as overall talented as Teague and Rockdale but play about as good as a team as you can and their QB is ultra accurate with his passes. I know they beat Teague early in district but I think on film Teague is playi
  9. Teague is a complete team peaking at the right time. Early in the year they were learning a new offense and had to work out the kinks. There was no panic from anyone, coaches , players even some of the most vocal supporters on here. They just stuck it out and I tell you what they pass the eye test up close. There offense and defensive lines are huge and can move. They can use a power back that's not slow but have a shifter one also. QB is just mobile enough to keep you honest and has a good accurate arm. Good team speed on defense. Special teams are good. Don't really have a weakness at this p
  10. Watched them play last year. If they have the same QB he is a big kid that can sling it. They will line up in the spread with 4 sometimes 5 wide-outs. Will play solid defense. Have hard nose type of kids that play. Will not have the over-all team speed that West Rusk will have. That is why if it gets out of hand it will be West Rusk doing it. It would not surprise me though if this game is competitive. Buffalo did not go to the spread until maybe 2 or 3 years ago. Was a run offense out of the wing or slot for years. I would say West Rusk by 2 Tds.
  11. Per Coach Reed, Westwood is looking for scrimmages on Jan 29-30 and Feb 5-10. Will be willing to be a 3rd team and travel is not a problem at this point. If someone cancels because of the basketball playoffs please give me a call at 903-480-1760 or e-mail me at [email protected] Thank you.
  12. Penn.St Auburn Florida Baylor Iowa.St OU TCU Alabama Miami USC 17 total pts.
  13. SMU OK.St Texas Ohio.St TCU ND S.Florida A&M OU USC 52 total pts
  14. What im starting to see more of is a Coach yelling their holding our (whatever) the ref turns his head the two players are separated by then but ref calls holding anyway. If you don't see it you can't call it. Have seen this in every game at every level.
  15. Memphis OSU Texas Tech FSU Utah Oklahoma UCLA Penn.St ND W.Virginia Total Baylor Pts. 20
  16. Forgot to pick 1 week and Im still picking. Hard to make up am 0-10.
  17. Miami WSU W. Virginia FSU Auburn Texas Florida OSU UCLA Stanford 60 pts.
  18. Louisville TCU FSU ND LSU Texas Alabama Michigan Wisconsin Utah A&M has 10 total pts
  19. 1.Texas 2.Miami 3.Utah St. 4.USC 5.Georgia 6.Stanford 7.Iowa 8.Auburn 9.Clemson 10.Ok.St. 43 firstdowns
  20. This will be more entertaining than most people think. I will take Westwood in a high scoring 35 to 28 game. Both teams can throw it a lot. Could be a long game.
  21. 1.Utah 2.Houston 3.A&M 4.Ok.St 5.Georgia 6.ND 7.Stanford 8.Duke 9.Maryland 10.SMU Tie Breaker 7 pts.
  22. Louisville Oregon Clemson SMU Ohio.St TCU Baylor Stanford BYU Arizona 65 total pts.
  23. 1. Boston . Co 2. Texas 3. N.Carolina 4. Michigan 5 .N.D 6. SMU 7. Alabama 8. LSU 9. UCLA 10. West Virginia * Tiebreaker OU 60 pts.
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