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  1. I know I'm going to regret this but here it goes. I don't see how coming on here and bashing the hire of this coach does any good for the community of Frankston at all. I don't know the full story of what he did except from what I have read in the paper and on here. I would like to think that if what he did is a habit of his and this is not the first time the supt would not have hired him. I have been in education a very long time and can tell you some of your very well successful coaches in the area have made mistakes and regret it. Cannot tell you how many times I have heard stories from Hea
  2. I thought the umpire gave the Long Beach picher a very wide strike zone last night. I don't know if it was because he only hrew 83-86 and Johnson threw in the high 90s and he just could see his pitches better or what. Reminded me of Hernedez's no hitter in hitter when he was in Miami before he became a Yankee.
  3. The assistant coach David Reed is taking over the head coaching spot at Palestine Westwood.
  4. I have no dog in this fight but I will say this. I along with a couple of other coaches had to work the Arp vs Crockett game at Westwood. The 3 of us working the clock and helping in the press box at the game were looking forward to watching Medlock but left the game thinking who is that FS for Arp that seems to be at the LOS before the RB gets there, but still does not get burnt on passes. One more thing. There is only one way to describe the way he hits and play's. ( VILOLENT ). Hard to tell how tll someone is from press box so after game I went down to field level. He is all of 6'2 or 6'3.
  5. Im happy with my first year of doing this. 1 game out of 1st. Maybe next year.
  6. Good job Malakoff. Now go win it all.
  7. Newton will put 8 people up near the line of scrimmage on 80% of their deffensive plays. Not always in the same place mind you. They will all be fast and hard to block. If you do block them they do a good job of getting off blocks and with their speed if seems like they were not blocked. I saw them on film against Kirbyville. Even if you can pass a litlle bit they are not going to change what they do. They are going to test your off cord and see if he is paintence enough to stick with a short passing game. Most are not. Most teams do what they do. I will be pulling for Arp. Have some friends t
  8. W. Michigan Washington TCU W. Kentucky Oklahoma La Lafayette W. Virginia Alabama Clemson Penn. St 46 Pts.
  9. Was running the clock during the Arp vs Crockett game. #6 for Arp is a Beast. He will be recrutied hard in the next couple of years. Got size, speed , and will knock your jock off. Don't know if that will be enough to beat Newton though.
  10. I know Centerville wanted to come back there Lovelady said no.
  11. Besides that how the field and stands
  12. LSU Washington Texas Baylor FSU Cal Ohio .St Alabama Miss,St Colorado 49 pts.
  13. I think there needs to be a change but its embarassing the way things get done at UT. Been a fan for over 50 years but when are we going to stop letting big money boosters decide when someone gets fired. Why does it have to be leaked to the media by some rich as..... booster that thinks he runs everything. This could throw up a red flag for some potential coaches. Should be done behind closed doors.
  14. I think district 9 sweeps district 10 this week. This is their year. Both Teague and Malakoff could win it all. I think Malakoff is the more complete team ( better at passing ). Teague's front 7 on both sides of the ball though kind of makes that a wash. A game between those 2 could go either way.
  15. Louisville Washington.St A&M Kansas. St Oklahoma. St LSU Utah Pittsburgh Texas Stanford West Virginia 4
  16. Utah Oklahoma Texas Tennessee A&M Stanford Arkansas OK.State Washington Wash.State 48 pts.
  17. This venue will be better than what most people think. Ever who gets the home field house will like that better but they will do whatever they need to make the visitors side more accommodating.
  18. # 13 Heard from Teague is a heck of a good defensive player as well. He is just as valuable there if not more.
  19. This is why coaching is not for everyone. Lots of teams are setting home and have questions about their coaching staff. What defense they run don't suit the kids, wrong players playing, players not playing in right position, ect,,,,. Here is a team that averages over 50 pts a game and that's not enough. If this other one was playing it could be 53. I have no dog in this fight but I will go by the men that see all the players in the athletic period and at practice everyday and let them decide who should be out there especially if they averages 50 pts a game.
  20. The RB from Elkhart is one of the finest young man you will ever meet. Good student, team player ect. See no need to run him down and say he is no good like one poster did. No I'm not from Elkhart, just happen to know some of the coaches in this district like the Coach from Malakoff ( Seen him play for Crockett in State Championship Game) . Elkhart will come to play and game will be close for awhile but I think the Tigers pull away in the 2nd half.
  21. Notre Dame Texas Miami Ok.St Baylor Wash.St Arkansas USC Alabama Ohio.St 45 Pts
  22. Malakoff's 8th grade team is the best Jr. High team I have seen in 20 plus years in 3a football. That is going to be one very good group if they all stay together.
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