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  1. Abandon ship!!!! No talent but Amie and rb, 9 coaches left him, and the lower levels that "no one was coaching up" are BADD. But I will say... something's fishy.
  2. Give out assignments, Hold the assistants accountable, and weed out the ones that don't meet expectations. That's in any field. You show me a bunch of young coaches not willing to work on a staff I would say they may not be getting the right leadership. If it's just one or two... call them in and fire a shot over the bow. I've been around some the hardest working young coaches and the laziest of old coaches. Everybody grab a hold of the rope and let's go to work.
  3. 1 pm Pool A winner vs Pool B Poll C winner vs Pool D 230 winner vs winner Only one team gets out of each pool
  4. C and D pools are LOADED. Yikes
  5. Thanks men! No worries Playaction.
  6. Look at the film. They can't consistently compete against 5a opponents.
  7. He's running with the Green Machine dude.
  8. Coach Cochran is an awesome choice! Just wish the deck wasn't stacked against the Eagles so badly.
  9. 9 football coaches leaving as well....
  10. Tigers getting ready to roll!
  11. Marshall OC is heading to Texarkana.
  12. 1 horse town versus a 10-12 horse town. To many hands in the cookie jar at Lee. TISD admin is terrible. And having talent isn't 1 or 2 players on a campus that has 2600 kids. They just don't get the horses. Congratulations to Marshall! Just hate that it ever opened and now a new staff is coming in. Hopefully they can keep the train on the track and pick up speed. This new Sup is a little fishy.
  13. Word on Hwy 69 is that the Sup is narrowing down 100+ to 15. Sup and hiring committee narrow to 5. 2nd interviews to get the guy.
  14. More like "soft served"! Good luck to the Yellow and Blue Bulldogs and their new coach!
  15. No one acting like they were a power before, or questioning his ability to coach. Tuff gig that 3 coaches passed on, and some didn't apply for.
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