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  1. Whats the over/under for this game? @Wild74Center may be averaging around 65 on offense, but that defense is about as reliable as a butt pucker after late night taco bell . Im sure this will be another high scoring affair
  2. ND 57 Center 52 2:11 to go. ND recovers onside kick
  3. Cool story captain obvious. Most teams the past couple decades who are competent on offense put up plenty of points against the Ridersblockquote widgetblockquote widget
  4. Id be curious to know how many plays each team ran on offense. Tatum had several sustained drives, center only a few that I remember. It wouldn’t shock me if tatum ran 20-30 more plays on offense
  5. Center taking a knee Final Center 80 Tatum 63 Eagles fans, be safe heading back, and good luck the rest of the way
  6. At this point i kinda want tatum to keep scoring just to see if Center can/will put up 100. I think ive seen 98 or so in a college game (SFA years back) but I certainly have never seen a hundo
  7. Center returns KO for TD Center 80 Tatum 57
  8. Boiled weenie juice I want to drive on home back to Nac but Center cant stop Tatum, so it continues to be “relatively” close. Center 73 Tatum 57 :42 in 3rd
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