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  1. Tatum woulda win a few last yr if none of the other three got hurt. Hard to win when other team know what coming and defense give up 40 a pop
  2. Putting turf on that field will be best thing nd ever done
  3. That don't make no sense if true
  4. Greasy seems to have a lot of interest in the rusk job
  5. The powerhouse from nola vs the powerhouse of Tyler. I like it
  6. ive seen some good match ups by some of the more known schools.
  7. tatum should be really thrilled that the dc is going to tatum to. been a while since tatum could play any defense.
  8. since you think everything is based of w/l i need more info on your seniroa. how many district titles and playoff wins and stuff that matters?
  9. superfan do you not know how to spell the dudes name?
  10. ask other coaches like jeff traylor, dick meeks, danny long or any other coaches I read in article.
  11. carthage kilgore center bullard make the playoffs. 2 provens 2 upcomers.
  12. so why invite me to a hoops tournament.
  13. the guy that at dickinson? same dickinson thats getting all the lamarque players now? he would of took at 25 thousand paycut to coach at tatum?
  14. idk I'm not a real big basketball fan.
  15. but you not butt hurt at all. man its kaufman let it go.
  16. 0-10 at tatum is better than anything at kaufman right?
  17. congrats to tatum on doing what it took to get a good one. heard that man can flat out coach.
  18. if pg makes the playoffs they will be 4th again
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