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  1. That 2 point conversion was stopped by Gilmer’s front four consisting of 3 Sophomores and a Freshman!
  2. True. Gilmer’s defense is young too! That DL will be killer next year!
  3. This is the Gilmer’s HC’s 8th state championship game. His 4th title. Same for several other coaches on his staff. I think he knows what he’s doing.
  4. 5 was no stranger to big games. If I recall correctly, he blistered Gilmer last year in Rd 3. In this game, Surratt pretty much put the ball where it needed to be, and the receivers simply dropped the ball. Uncharacteristic of a team of that caliber.
  5. I agree with this. Just like Gilmer, Glen Rose deserves to be in this game. They don’t run a lot, but they can sling it! Buckeye secondary will have their hands full for sure. Look for Gilmer’s RB Henderson to have a huge game offensively.
  6. Well versed. I was going off Maxpreps strength of schedule for both teams. Gilmer has definitely played the tougher schedule out of both teams. Take Maxpreps for what it’s worth, using computers for certain HS sports sometimes backfires. I do know Glen Rose has been playing great the last few weeks, and their passing game will definitely present a challenge. Gilmer’s secondary will definitely need to step it up this week. With that being said, I think Gilmer’s speed in the open field will be the difference and they pull away late.
  7. Agree. Carthage was young this year, but Gilmer was pretty young as well, especially on both DL and OL.
  8. I think at 10-4, they are a little down from last year. They played a decent preseason schedule and went 1-4. Overall strength of schedule isn’t good, but their QB is having a great year.
  9. The Gilmer Buckeyes and Glen Rose Tigers play for a trip to the state final. Gilmer coming off a huge win against Carthage. Glen Rose upset West Plains. The Buckeyes are much more balanced offensively, Glen Rose is pretty much a passing team. Gilmer is more explosive and much faster, and has played a much stronger schedule. Gilmer defensively will need to limit the Tiger passing attack and put pressure on the quarterback. What say ye?
  10. I honestly feel this game could go either way. Carthage is always dominant up front, but I have a feeling PG plays just good enough defensively to eek this one out.
  11. “I hear”. “His mom said”. I highly doubt any of this happened. Believe what you want, that’s on you. Jeff built a system when he was here and they still use that same system today. Surratt has built a system in Carthage, and I’m certain they will use it after he leaves. Regarding this game, Sunnyvale played lights out. Had a great game plan. Gilmer played flat, had 3 turnovers and almost got beat. Moving on.
  12. Nobody is overlooking anyone, but facts are facts. Gilmer has way to much speed at the skill positions for Sunnyvale to contend with. If the OL plays like it did against Center, this game will get out of hand quickly. However; if Gilmer comes out flat and has penalties, Sunnyvale could obviously stay in the game longer. I personally don’t see that happening, but you never know.
  13. Sunnyvale is decent, but this game should be over by halftime or latest third quarter. Sunnyvale hasn’t played that difficult of a schedule and nothing against them, won’t match up very well. Gilmer has way too much speed, so if the OL plays like it did against Center, lights out for Sunnyvale. Buckeyes win big!
  14. Actually , SH is not growing. Numbers are down quite a bit from last year alone according to one school official I’ve talked to. Also, one player at the Jr High level was told by coaches they fully expect to drop down to 3A DIV 1 next year. SH has a LOT of issues going on right now. It’s not the same school educational wise as it used to be. Not enough teachers is the main reason and with all the publicity this year, a lot of parents are pulling their kids out and moving to other districts. Depends on the cutoff, but SH could drop, and that’s where they should be.
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