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  1. Gilmer has 2 of the top 20 receivers in the state. Rockwell will take the sting out of having to replace the elder Fluellen.
  2. Looks about right, except PG in there at 5. They return 4 starters total if I heard correctly? They may get there in the end, and preseason polls always work themselves out, but that seems high for what they have returning. Celina is top 5 for sure.
  3. 1. Carthage 2. Gilmer This should be the top two to start the season. Both teams return a lot, I think Gilmer returns more than Carthage though. Buckeyes have a couple of move ins so far that will be starters this Fall. Carthage is still top Dawg until someone beats them.
  4. With what both teams have returning, I believe both Carthage and Gilmer have a real shot at returning to the Championship game next season. Carthage has to be considered the favorite of course, as they should be until someone knocks them off. Both teams will have a few key positions to fill on both sides of the ball, but no doubt they will just reload.
  5. Thanks for the information. I wouldn’t think that 10-1 defense would work out too well today.
  6. Question for Celina Fans. I saw an interview and it was stated Graham runs the 10-1 defense that Celina runs. Is this true?
  7. Agree. There are some really good offenses left in 4A DIV 2, but I just don’t see how any of them score enough on that Carthage defense to upset the Dawgs
  8. I agree; however, I believe several of those “penalties” were non existent. Absolutely the worst umpiring crew so far this season!
  9. PG is vulnerable to a team that can pass the ball well (Argyle, Carthage and Gilmer), but I don’t think Caddo Mills will can handle PG’s offense. The Hawks still have enough to win this game. I’m taking PG to move on.
  10. Gilmer vs Sunnyvale next Friday in Athens
  11. The FACT is, the player threw punches. The Gilmer player did not. Just because the player talked trash and played physical, that doesn’t warrant the LE player throwing punches. The Gilmer player shouldn’t have been ejected. The no balls refs couldn’t control the game and made the wrong decision completely. It’s ok though, LE is a non factor. ✌
  12. So? That warrant the LE player throwing punches? A player should never throw a punch. LE has a history of this obviously. Just trash.
  13. 1. Gilmer OL has some issues. 2. Defense played really well. 3. That sweep was just not there all night, yet was constantly being called. Offense struggled all night with protection, drops and penalties. BT didn’t look comfortable in the pocket all night and his OL needs to step up. Those low snaps didn’t help much either. Lots to clean up and be more consistent on offense if this team wants to make a serious run. I will give credit to LE, they had a good defensive game plan, but Gilmer still should have had 60, but just kept shooting themselves in the foot in the red zone.
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