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  1. *Update* Buckeyes with two quick touchdowns. Gilmer 29 Gainsville 14 Fluellen doing a really good job at QB, however; Gainesville can’t stop Buckeyes run game.
  2. They will be the first to tell you, the first 15 or so offensive plays are scripted regardless of what the defense is. They watch enough film to script those plays and will not change them even if the defense changes. Not sure why? Stump used to call the plays himself and adjust on the field. Perhaps they are so scripted and vanilla on offense because of the Soph QB? He can play the position, just seems like the play calling or lack of isn’t helping him.
  3. I think it’s more due to these being actual storms, not just rain. Thunder, lightning and possibly hail is a whole different story. Lots of Senior night festivities for some will probably not happen, not to mention the possibility of lightning delays. Makes sense to move the game up a day if possible to avoid all this.
  4. I’ve seen where both Bullard and Beckville have already moved their respective games from Friday to Thursday night because of the storms due on Friday. Any others?
  5. Two things: 1. If I can’t make it to the game, I’ll watch the live stream, just with no sound! I can’t listen to them talk the whole game. 2. Will Henderson IS fast
  6. Paris is down this year. Very young team. Van should win this game fairly easy.
  7. No idea really. They come in at 1-1, offensively they seem to be struggling. Plus an awfully long way to play Carthage. The Dawgs are starting to get it going. I just don’t think this game will be close.
  8. Gilmer’s homecoming is Friday against Paris. Not sure what is going on in Paris, they normally are a handful with great athletes and tons of speed. They seem down a tad from past teams, against LE, they didn’t have that many players suited up? Thoughts?
  9. This game will be over before Corner Stone exits the bus! Carthage by whatever..
  10. Agree. Kilgore will be fine. The DL, which is their strength, played great! The secondary played good, but the Gilmer receivers just made the plays.
  11. Gilmer did not seemed interested in this game in the 1st. Just couldn’t get anything going offensively. Kilgore defense is playing well, especially against the run. Gilmer starting RB (Haynes) not playing tonight. Dumb penalties by both teams. Looking for a great second half!
  12. We know Kilgore is a run heavy team, but how is the passing game? They will get yards on the ground, but I think they will need to be able to pass, especially if they fall behind. Again, I’m praising the Buckeye secondary, if you can’t pass effectively or be accurate, I wouldn’t try it. A lot of CH’s rushing total came from the QB scrambling and just flat out making positive yards out of nothing. I wouldn’t think the Kilgore QB is as fast or agile as the CH QB??
  13. Yeah, I don’t like the title of this thread. Little early to start with the arrogance if you ask me. CH has a very good team, but those turnovers really hurt them. That game was closer than the score indicated. The 4 picks were legit, the Gilmer secondary is very good and a strength of their defense. The 3 CH fumbles probably could have been avoided. Seemed the QB was trying to run before securing the ball, plus both teams had several high snaps. Kilgore D line will definitely be a test for the Buckeye offense. Could be a low scoring game. Gilmer will need to come out with energy and be focused, if they do, I think they will win by a couple of scores.
  14. I think SH will be in this game for awhile. They appear scrappy this year, but Center’s overall speed will be an issue for the Panthers. Center by a few scores.
  15. I think this will actually be good game. Kilgore always brings it, but the Buckeyes will be too much. Gilmer should pull away and win by a couple of scores
  16. Good early season test for both teams’ defenses! Ultimately, I think Carthage will be too much. Dawgs by a couple of scores.
  17. I just watched the show and Greg actually picks CH to win for a couple of reasons. 1. The CH offense returns a lot. 2. Says Gilmer’s QB situation isn’t settled yet. Will they find a replacement for B Tennison? Well, Gilmer’s QB situation IS settled and has been for years! C Tennison, Brandon’s brother will be starting QB. He’s been groomed since Jr High for this moment. He’s a Soph, so will he be ready? I don’t know. He played Varsity as a Freshman primarily on defense, but he did play a little QB in the 4th qtrs. and was 2-3 60 yds 1 td. while rushing for 307 yds (9.3 ypc). He can definitely step into the starting role as he’s had both Stump Godfrey and his brother working with him for years. My question is still, can the OL work together and give him time? If so, he will put on a show. I bet the playbook will be very conservative this first game. Let’s not forget, Gilmer returns several running backs, including all state Haynes. Look for them to establish that run early and then let Tennison do his thing. I believe Gilmer’s defense overall is better than CH at this point. Hopefully CH challenges the Gilmer secondary as they return 2 all state players. Just looking for an exciting game with no injuries. Regardless of the outcome, both teams will be better because of this game!
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