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  1. Coaching will be fine. There has been some turnover, but they hired some seasoned coaches as well as some young coaches. The young coaches have played for Gilmer and have won a championship under Traylor, so they know how to win. Question is, can they coach and will the young Buckeyes respond? I say they will…
  2. Agree. Coming into this game, CH should be the favorite and not just because they will be playing in front of a rowdy home crowd. Very talented and physical team. Gilmer will need to take the crowd out early and score. Can’t give a team like CH a sizable lead, especially at home. This game should have some big plays, as both teams are fast. I’ll give Gilmer the edge in team speed, but those boys up front on both OL and DL will need to play lights out for this game to be competitive. I’ll go with the young Buckeyes by 7.
  3. Scrimmages; however, you are right. This team is young after graduating quite a few starters. They still possess a lot of talent, and the starters they do have returning were all state last year. Secondary will be really good. DL lost 2 I think, but they will be ok. Concern coming into the season, at least for me, is the OL. I believe they return 1, and with a new QB, they are going to have to gel quickly. Tennison is faster than his brother, but not as accurate a passer righ now, even though he did make a couple of lasers while running for his life and so I think he will need to make decisions a lot quicker than what was shown last night.
  4. I watched most online. PT was able to put a lot of pressure on the Gilmer QB making him hurry his throws. Looked like some drops by the receivers as well and Gilmer couldn’t run much. The OL needs to improve quickly or CH will roll next week
  5. Perhaps. Those Dawg defenses against that 2014 Buckeye offense. 2017 would be close, but 2020 you might be right!
  6. Best Player - Dwight Smith Best Team - 2014 Gilmer Best Game - 2014 Gilmer vs Gladewater
  7. Then why resign as HFC @ PT? Coach Lane is great, so I don’t really care why, just thrilled he’s coming back to Gilmer!!
  8. I saw on Twitter where former Pine Tree HFC Kerry Lane, who resigned and was to become AD in June for the Pirates, is now heading to Gilmer. Not sure of what role he will be in for the Buckeyes, anyone hear?
  9. I’m sure they will interview candidates, but not sure who from outside the current staff would want the job. Perhaps a young assistant somewhere looking for a head coach gig. My thoughts are they promote within, but not familiar with anyone on staff.
  10. Fun fact about Bero. I believe he retired from coaching after that 2-8 2012 season, Jeff Traylor lured him out of retirement in 2014 and Bero got a state championship with Gilmer that year and immediately retired again! Lol!
  11. 40 points from the FT line? That’s gotta be a record! Gilmer won by 3 in Gilmer and Paris won by 3 in Paris. This game should live up to its potential!
  12. Lady Buckeyes have several 3 point sharpshooters this year, and are good defensively. Paris is very athletic and aggressive. These two teams split their games in district. Should be a good one!!
  13. Did Gilmer ever finalize their schedule? I know they were looking for another preseason game…
  14. China Spring didn’t play the toughest schedule, but they DID win the toughest Region. Wins against Carthage and WOS make them the favorites to win the championship IMO. Just a great team playing great football on both sides of the ball. For Gilmer to win, the defense will need to play just as good or BETTER than they did against Celina, and the offense will need near perfect play. If the game is close in the 3rd, I think Gilmer’s experience will take over. I’ll take the Buckeyes by 3 with a game winning FG in the closing seconds!!
  15. Ok, enough playing around. Here is my honest assessment. Celina will be Gilmer’s toughest test since the Carthage game for sure, and the Buckeyes will be Celina’s toughest opponent since Argyle. This game could go either way, as both teams are playing great football right now. 2 things that could spell doom for Gilmer will be 1. The OL not being able to hold up and contain the Bobcat defense, which I think its a fact Gilmer will HAVE to get their running game going in this game to be successful. If they are forced to be one dimensional, they won’t beat a team like Celina. It’s imperative the OL opens up some holes for the RB’s and gives Tennison time to pass. 2. Penalties. Gilmer will absolutely have to be disciplined in this game. No personal fouls or ignorant penalties keeping Bobcat drives going. I do think Celina will have success running the ball, but they will need to complete some passes as well to keep the Buckeyes honest. They are more than capable of doing just that. Even though I think the Carthage defense was better that Celina’s defense, the Bobcats are pretty close, and I think they are more balanced on offense. Celina comes in as a 4 point favorite, so should be one heck of a game!!!
  16. According to Calpreps, the Semifinals will be: Celina vs Gilmer Cuero vs China Spring
  17. Correct. Gilmer's D is good against the run, but I think the secondary is suspect at times; however, I’m not sure if there are any “passing” teams left other than the Buckeyes??
  18. Ha! I forgot all about Region 4! Cuero definitely could win it all. Is Cuero the most balanced in regards to offense and defense?
  19. I hate talking about this when there are still games to be played out of respect of teams not mentioned; however, I feel there are only 4 teams you can mention in regards to this thread. WOS, CS, Gilmer and Celina. Out of these teams, WOS, CS and Celina are more defense oriented as opposed to Gilmer being more of we will just outscore you. Defense wins championships, but which of the teams listed stop Gilmer’s offense who is averaging 65 ppg in the playoffs so far? Is Celina still running that 10-1 defense? If so, they will get hammered by Gilmer.
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