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  1. I hope this passes. Spring Hill will finally be getting field turf, new track and the home side will be swapped with the visitors side so WE won't be facing the sun! New bleachers with hopefully chairs for the season ticket holders. Good luck to L/E!!
  2. Bullard (30-5) vs Canton (25-7) Winner gets either Sanger (31-4) or Dallas Lincoln (28-4) Gilmer (26-8) vs Chapel Hill (22-11) Winner gets either #1 Argyle (31-1) or Wilmer-Hutchins (16-11)
  3. Gilmer faces Chapel Hill Tuesday @ 7pm in Pine Tree. The Lady Buckeyes were 2-0 against CH in the regular season.
  4. The only 2 games I've seen a schedule for so far is: Gilmer vs PNL Tuesday 7:00 @ Sulphur Springs Spring Hill vs Paris Tuesday 7:30 @ Wills Point Other games will be: Gladewater vs L/E Chapel Hill vs P/G
  5. Was informed today, that "if" all 4 district 16 4A girls team win this week, they will play a double header next week. Would be Bullard vs Spring Hill, and Gilmer vs CH. of course that would be awesome, but gonna be tough to pull off. I think the favorites this round would have to be: Bullard over Rains Canton over SH Brownsboro over CH Gilmer over Ferris You never know in the playoffs, so hoping for a couple of upsets Friday!
  6. Argyle boys team has fallen on hard times, they have lost 4 games this year
  7. No doubt that's a tough row to sow! Those 3 teams are a combined 88-6 Whoever gets through that will definitely have earned it. Argyle is # 9 in the nation, so I'd just like the opportunity to watch them play
  8. Probably Bullard would have the best chance. Gilmer could make the tournament, but would have to get past Brownsboro in the third round, only to meet up with Argyle, who is the favorite to win it all.
  9. Looking for Bullard, Gilmer, CH & Spring Hill to sweep the girls games, probably the opposite on the boys side?
  10. If the first two games between these two are any inclination, going to be a great game! Kirgan for Bullard is almost unstoppable down low, and Brooks for Gilmer is the best PG in district. Brooks went off last night making 7 3 pointers, several from wayyyy downtown including half court at the halftime buzzer. She's a BEAST!
  11. Lol!! District game of the night: Gilmer vs Spring Hill Senior night for the Lady Panthers. Gilmer needs a win to maintain 1st place tie with Bullard, forcing a one game playoff to determine district champion. Bullard should have no problem with Kilgore, as well s CH with Gladewater. CH is locked in at 3rd, SH at 4th. The Lady Buckeyes took the first game in Gilmer by 5 pts, tonight the Lady Panthers look to spoil Gilmer's district championship hopes. Gonna be a good one!
  12. Tonight's games: Bullard @ Chapel Hill Gladewater @ Gilmer Spring Hill @ Kilgore
  13. Updated Standings 2/3/16 Boys 1. Gladewater 6-0 2. Gilmer 4-2 2. Chapel Hill 4-2 4. Spring Hill 2-4 5. Kilgore 1-5 5. Bullard 1-5 Girls 1. Bullard 7-1 1. Gilmer 7-1 3. Chapel Hill 5-3 4. Spring Hill 3-5 5. Kilgore 2-6 6. Gladewater 0-8
  14. Got this off another site. Gilmer's 2016 schedule to contain: Liberty Eylau Center Liberty Christian Carthage Nacogdoches Atlanta Gladewater Pittsburg Pleasant Grove Spring Hill
  15. D2 4A district 7 Atlanta Gilmer Gladewater Pittsburg Pleasant Grove Spring Hill
  16. This is a huge win for FISD. The total cost is $115 million, and the Cowboy's pay for all upkeep. Not sure exactly how much FISD is contributing to the project though. The stadium will seat 12,000, which is plenty of room. Certain games will be split between stadiums as FISD still owns Memorial stadium which seats 9,000, and Frisco opening its 10th high school. Apparently Toyota Stadium will be pro soccer only now. Great set up!
  17. Boys: 1. Gladewater 4-0 2. Chapel Hill 3-1 3. Gilmer 2-2 4. Kilgore 1-3 4. Spring Hill 1-3 4. Bullard 1-3 Girls: 1. Gilmer 6-0 2. Bullard 5-1 3. Chapel Hill 4-2 4. Spring Hill 2-4 5. Kilgore 1-5 6. Gladewater 0-6
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