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  1. I also think this will be a good game. Gilmer will need to clean up the mistakes and penalties though. If they can, might be closer than expected. I look for Carthage to be Carthage though. Surratt will have them ready even though they haven’t played in a couple of weeks. Best Defense in 4A against one of the best offenses. Hopefully both teams come out injury free and leave it all on the field.
  2. I didn’t say which Panthers! JK, Spring Hill Panthers win this game.
  3. Gilmer beat PG last year. PG is still good, but are still down this year. Expect Gilmer to win that game by a pretty good margin.
  4. Right? I like watching if I can’t make it to the game, like tonight; however, I don’t want to listen so it will be muted.
  5. Just mute it! I can’t listen to it very long, lol
  6. I just don’t think this game will be that close. Henderson is too big and too fast for Spring Hill. I look for the Panthers to stay with them for a quarter, but Henderson’s depth will take over. Panther line won’t be able to hold up. Henderson by 3 tds.
  7. Buckeyes travel to Lindale to take on the Eagles. Thoughts?
  8. Buckeyes Interception. running out clock. Halftime Gilmer 34 Atlanta 0
  9. Buckeye defense forces a turnover on downs. Buckeyes score. 34-0
  10. And there are a lot of them! Notice the rotation
  11. Gilmer returns KO for TD Buckeyes 7 Rabbits 0
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