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  1. Gotcha. Well, I’m hoping the Rabbits get back to where everyone is accustomed, ET football is just better when Atlanta is playing good football!
  2. This is a toss up to me. I haven’t seen either play, but I’m taking SH for the homecoming win!
  3. I think Gladewater will win comfortably in this one.
  4. I honestly don’t know what Atlanta is about this year. Anyone from Atlanta have the lowdown? Someone mentioned their OL. If their OL isn’t up to speed, Gilmer’s front 4 will have a field day. Hope the QB is poised enough to make quick decisions?
  5. Atlanta has always fielded a fast athletic team, but not sure what is going on there lately, last years game was competitive until the 2nd half, and Gilmer pulled away. I think this year will be different with Gilmer starting faster. Not so sure this game will be on the schedule next year.
  6. The Rabs travel to Gilmer to mix it up against the Buckeyes. Thoughts?
  7. Buckeyes score Gilmer 50 Henderson 14 1:57 left In 4th
  8. Buckeyes score Gilmer 43 Henderson 14 4:45 3rd
  9. Buckeyes score Gilmer 36 Henderson 14 2:03 left in first half
  10. Lions score Gilmer 29 Henderson 14 horrible defensive effort by Gilmer. 30 yards in penalties.
  11. Buckeyes score Gilmer 29 Henderson 7 7:12 left in 2nd
  12. Gilmer 15 Henderson 0 7:00 left in 1st Qtr
  13. Pigskin preps has Gilmer as a 38 point favorite.
  14. Gilmer’s defense is vastly improved. This will definitely NOT be a shootout. The only way this game is close, is if Henderson’s defense plays a lot better than last week. I think it will play out like the Gladewater game and Gilmer pulls away in the second half.
  15. I think the Buckeyes open up the offense a little more and will get a few more guys involved. Defense will continue to get better (which is scary). Buckeyes by a few scores.
  16. I don’t think this one will be close. Gladewater has a size advantage along the lines and way too much speed. I think the Bears will be able to run at will. Bears by a lot.
  17. Definitely NOT overrated. Looked out of sync on several drives, particularly end of 2nd, early 3rd. Looked very vanilla at times offensively. Both teams have things to work on for next week. Gladewater will be fine.
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