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  1. They put 74 on McKinney North and most consider them better than JT. I don't think JT loses by that much but it is gonna be ugly.
  2. Lancaster speed on defense was the reason Longview did not run a lot of plays on the perimeter. Longview just went old school Longview and pounded Lancaster in the middle with Tatum. The running game controlled the clock and keep Lancaster offense off the field. The game still came down to the team who make the fewest mistakes in the 2nd half. This would have been a whole different game if Lancaster does not throw that pick in the fourth quarter. I can promise you that is what they were thinking on that bus ride home. Both teams scored way below their average which tells you both defenses played great.
  3. I think many of these Lobo fans underestimated Lancaster. They act like Lancaster is just another team. The game went about the way I thought it would. Lancaster made the crucial mistake in the 4th quarter and that really was the difference in the game. I expect for you guys to meet again and we both know it is hard to beat a team twice. I think we can agree that Longview, Lancaster and Forney will be in the playoffs. I will be a fight for that fourth spot.
  4. Like I stated the team with the fewest mistakes would win it. Lancaster threw a pick in the redzone and had a personal foul on a 3 and 17.
  5. Both of these teams are evenly matched. The team that makes the fewest mistakes will walk away with a win.
  6. This game will be for the district championship. No other team in this district can challenge Longview or Lancaster. I expect a hard hitting affair.
  7. I'm talking about teams like Guyer and SOC. Not Lancaster themselves.
  8. Lancaster has played a much more difficult schedule. Guyer is Guyer and SOC is still really good on defense. Longview has not played teams this good. I say Lancaster is ahead at halftime and the game is decided in the fourth quarter. I think Longview wins by a touchdown because they are playing in Longview. Longview 38 Lancaster 32.
  9. Believe or not North Mesquite has some nice pieces. Cordale Russell at receiver and Jaylon Hicks at running back is a nice combo. Their QB is the coaches son and he throws a very nice ball. For whatever reason they simply can't put it all together. They will be a test for JT.
  10. Wow JT had 46 total yards of offense.
  11. Can't get to the one yard line and come up with no points.
  12. This game has been a real slopfest so far.
  13. Our live stream for this game is currently screwed up. You can keep checking to see if they get it straighten out. ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IbPQP2F8Bwk
  14. How good is JT D-line because pass blocking has been Horn main issue. Our QB starter is a big kid and he has very little mobility. Because of the pressure he had gotten he is not a accurate passer. His backup is much smaller and not a great passer. Because he is a better runner he has been the better QB option. For us it's gonna come down to us being able to pass block and have some semblance of a passing game. I think we will win it if we can pass for 125+ yards. I don't see this game being a blowout by either team.
  15. These teams have played alot over the years and they typically end in a blow out by one team or the other. The last competitive game 2012 when JT won by 5 points. Horn has two wins but West Plano and Bowie are below average teams. Most of Horn's talent is on the defensive side of the ball. Three of our db's are P5 commits and the 4th one will play college ball somewhere. DE Armstrong Nnodim will be a P5 kid. The season is still early but so far our strengths has been special teams. Last two games have produced two kick off returns for touchdowns and we are averaging nearly 30 yards a punt return. Defense has been sporadic and is a work in progress. So far the offense has been carried by two players. Chris Dawn had 7 touches in week 1 and scored 5 times. Titus Muse rushed for 248 yards in week 2 and scored on a 85 yard kick off return. Our passing game needs lots of work. The O-line has not been very good in pass blocking and our huge QB 6'1 235 is not a runner at all. Put these two together and you get a bad passing game. Hopefully they can get things figured out. I have not seen JT play this year but suspect this will be a close game and could honestly go either way. I will say our new coaching staff has completely changed the culture at Horn. Coach Allen got a late start and did not complete his staff until two weeks before the season started. I suspect this game will come down to which coaching staff makes the biggest leap from game two to game three.
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