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  1. Wow he is going to have a massive job turning that program around. The lost to West Mesquite 45-6. That district is also adding a new high school which should drop them to 5A D1 which should help. Right now the program is in the dumps.
  2. Refs should have let the teams decide the outcome. PNG may have still scored but the teams should have determined the winner.
  3. Your right about that. Aledo is a model program but if the Eagles drop they are going to have a hell of time keeping their streak intact.
  4. Bellville chased that blocked PAT the entire game. Something told me that was going to be the difference.
  5. Yep lots of growth in the DFW. You can expect to see rapid growth for Forney HS also. Lots of subdivisions are going up off I-20. They have a Mesquite address but will be zoned for Forney HS.
  6. That turnover may have been the nail in the coffin. They really needed a score and turned it over instead.
  7. It's been a long time since I have seen a team dominated like this in the state championship game.
  8. Malakoff is balanced on offense which I think will get them the win.
  9. Too me it appeared Albany simply wanted it more than Mart.
  10. He can't throw a forward pass due to his injured hand. Not a good place to be when your 3 TD's behind
  11. Thank you sir. I looked everywhere and could not find it. Went to 676 and BINGO!
  12. I have attended every Saturday championship game since 2010. I do not want to go back to the 4 games a day format due to those games never ever start on time. There were times when the final game ended after 11pm.
  13. I think people forget that there only a handful of truly elite coaches in Texas. Even the elite coaches need to be in the right situation to succeed. Replacing a coach with a 90% winning percentage with the hope that you can do better is just crazy IMHO. Seldom is a program dominant for any length of time. Look at Allen, Judson, HP just to name a few. I can certainly name more programs who have fallen of the map than those who have taken that next step to a championship. Coach Samples like King could never win a championship despite his many close calls. He found a great fit and Duncanville took off. Ever wonder what happened to Skyline after he left. If the mindset is yearly state championship or bust, I can tell which one is going to prevail 99% of the time.
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