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  1. JT a young team it shows. They will get together as the season progresses.
  2. Is it correct that your QB is just a freshman.
  3. Well I just watched the game so I will offer my opinion. Neither of these teams are very consistent on offense. Neither has a real strong passing game. The difference in the game is JT got the big plays in the running game and they capitalized on the Horn mistakes inside the red zone. Here is my break down. 1. Horn first score came on a scoop and score after a long run by JT. 2. JT first score came after Horn hold them to a 4th and 6 in the red zone. Horn jumps offside twice to and give JT a first down and a short score. 3. Horn overthrows a easy slant route and misses the field goal to walk away with no points. 4. McPhall takes off for a 80 yard score. 5. Horn gets into the red zone and jumps offsides. It kills the drive takes them out of field goal range. 6. JT quarter throws a perfect long pass for a touchdown. 7. Legend throws a strike and then runs it in right before the half. 8. Horn gets a stop in the red zone but roughs the kicker on field goal attempt. JT then scores on a short run. Horn dumb penalties in the redzone cost them 14 points which was difference in this game. JT had some dumb personal fouls but it did not cost them points. JT held Horns offense to one touchdown which was impressive. Both teams are very young and they played like it.
  4. Well congrats to JT on the win. I'm in Vegas so I am just now getting to a computer. I did not watch the game but based on box score it appears Horn could not stop JT running game while JT stopped Horns running game. Turnovers and penalties were even. JT put up 21 in the second quarter which was the different. The games are played on the field not on paper. Hard pill to swallow but the better team won.
  5. Good coaching makes the dudes. They identify talent early and cultivate it. I have seen schools go from a few D2 guys to multiple D1 guys in two years. Winning also increases your participation numbers which increases your talent base. A coach needs to good at what he does and also be a good fit. I have seen good coaches take on bad fits and the results are not good. Too many folks think you can plug and play great coaches and it just does not work that way.
  6. I'm just hoping we can play a clean game. We are still averaging 12 penalties a game and 2+ turnovers. This will get you a L if it continues.
  7. You guys are going to be introduced to the Legend in this game.
  8. They have Longview Lancaster Forney Lufkin McKinney North North Mesquite West Mesquite There is good chance that Longview and Forney will be moving up to 6A next realignment which will make things easier for JT next year.
  9. JT is on the right track. They just can't expect to turn the complete ship around and be district champs in one season.
  10. Horn should be favored. I don't JT being any better or worse than Arlington Bowie who lost 38-13.
  11. You have to have a good running game to shorten a game. Horn is allowing 77 rushing yards a game while JT is averaging 91 yards a game. I know for a fact that this will be the best defense JT has faced so far. They will have to nearly triple their rushing average to shorten this game. I can't see that happening. JT will need to cause many turnovers to have a chance in this game.
  12. Last year game was 41-27 which I do not consider a close game. I remember the game you guys put up 69 hence me saying it is typically a blowout either way. I'm happy to see JT back on the road of relevance but they are still a year behind Horn IMHO.
  13. This Horn team is young but really talented. I think I counted 8 sophomores on varsity with 5 them getting significant time. It's junior/sophomore dominated team but has some talented seniors. DE Armstrong Nnodium a Oklahoma State commit that goes 6'2 260lbs. He looks more like DT but because of his strength he plays DE. This kid is as strong as ox and plays like it. If you want to see what trajectory Horn is own simply look at North Crowley. Will this game be streamed.
  14. OP ask for opinions and provided that just that. I believe the overall series between these teams is tied at 8-8.
  15. No way does JT beat Horn this year. Your gonna face a true dual threat QB and a super fast defense. This game has not been competitive since JT beat Horn by 5pts in 2012. Every game since then has been a blowout one way or the other. I'm gonna say Horn 38 JT 21
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