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  1. I hope your DC don't have your corners playing 15 yards off the receiver in this game. Longview needs to play aggressive man to man and limit the turnovers/penalties. This should be a great game.
  2. They only that could make it better would to move AT&T stadium to Waco. It would then be centrally located.
  3. I honestly don't know. I have not been to a game this season due to Covid. Wife is high risk so I take no chances. Knowing MISD like I do I doubt they are allowing bands do to the virus.
  4. I'm picking Tyler High by two touchdowns. I would not be surprised at all if it is more than 14pts. Horn program is circling the drain and I don't see any help coming for a few years at minimum.
  5. I personally think it really started with the OC quitting to run is own QB training business. The offense quickly went downhill with them completing 3 or 4 passes in some games. The head coach then retired and the wheels came completely off. We lost alot of coaches and the head coach did not even have coordinator experience. He was D-Line coach and got the job because the original coach who was offered the job did not accept it do to him not being allowed to bring in his own staff. It is said he was a well known coach but I have no idea who it was. I am still willing to give to the head coach
  6. This game is typically a blowout one way or the other. Horn is struggling to put points on the board so I would be very surprised if Tyler High does not win this game by two touchdowns.
  7. Duncanville can still win this game if the defense plays lights out early and the freshman can build some confidence early. Banks is who killed the Panthers last year and he is out. Davis is playing at a insane level they have to keep him in check to have any chance. NS is not as good on defense as they were last year and expect Duncanville to be able to score some points. If the freshman can gain some confidence early and if the Smith can get on track early the Panthers have a fighting chance. If NS gets up early, things are gonna snowball quickly. They say this freshman is special and he is
  8. He never recruited players. His program does that for him. Just about his entire roster on this Skyline teams actually lived in the Oak Cliff. If you lived in the Dallas city limits and you wanted to go to the next level you knew Skyline was your best option. Even though Skyline has a enrollment over 4,000 he always had a thin but talented roster. Skyline has only one ninth and 10th grade team and those rosters also thin. Duncanville sits in one of most talented rich areas in the state. They have always had great facilities but Coach Discus was simply a bad fit for them. It's the first Job Coa
  9. D2 champs since Katy/Cedar Hill have been good teams with a special class. If everyone plays to their potential I expect to see a Westfield vs Westlake final.
  10. Hate to see you guys end the season like this but it happens sometimes. Still got a ring so be happy. Not many can make this claim.
  11. This game is gonna come down to the Lobo Defense making a key stop or getting a turnover.
  12. Yep I picked the winner of this game to play for the title. Two really good defenses going at it. I hope it happens.
  13. Horn passed for 50 yards against Heath and 44 yards against North Mesquite. This game will be over early if they don't pass for 150+ yards. If they do it will be a close game. Have no idea which team is going to show up but you will know in the first quarter.
  14. Man I did not expect a beat down like that. Lobo's brought the wood tonight.
  15. True but their offense will be the best the Lobo's will face. I think Rockwall will get out to early lead and the Lobo's will claw their way back in the 3rd quarter. The defense will make some key stops and 4th quarter and the Lobo's will find a way to win at home. I see it being alot like last years game. The defense got some key stops in the 4th quarter and got a turnover to put it away. Longview will need to protect the ball because Rockwall will make them pay if they turn it over. Longview 41 Rockwall 38.
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