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  1. What's your logic? The virus decreased because the mask mandate was lifted??? How about vaccines taking hold and continued vigilance playing a role? It's not over, by the way, as people do continue to die daily.
  2. I'm positive they relaxed their policy out of fear of losing your 5 minute crew cut with ear hair trimmed away money that you get once a month.
  3. That story seemed to indicate that someone may have sensed stronger character in the Black employee over your white friend, because look how a job setback threw him down the stairs. So, the right choice was made, right?
  4. Remember when the Republican Party didn't celebrate brick headed, self centered, paranoid ignorance when it came to anything to do with science? Yeah, me, neither.
  5. Nice to see him taking time off from attacking BLM and carrying water for white nationalists to attack a Republican for his hypocrisy. https://www.yahoo.com/news/house-gop-leader-kevin-mccarthy-124216435.html House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy apparently pays $1,500 to live in a 12-bedroom, 16-bath penthouse Peter Weber Thu, May 6, 2021, 7:42 AM
  6. Waiting all week to hear the showers of praise for myself and others, and thought that everyone must have gotten busy, so decided to give this reminder. Let me just say YOU'RE WELCOME in advance!
  7. Nice try...did you take up a hobby to while away time and lick your wounds? Did you learn a new language? How to play an instrument? I hope it was something constructive, instead of scouring the Dark Web looking in nooks and crannies for more 'proof' of fraud.
  8. @Monte1076 did QRetired sub contract posting every WND article to you and then take it back over????
  9. So, in 6 months, Republicans have remained deluded and haven't gotten any smarter or less cult like toward Trump? I agree completely!
  10. Oh, I remember that...you kept posting things like 'Oh, No, Watch Out for Michigan' or 'Bombshell in Pennsylvania', then after awhile you just slunk away and hid! Good stuff!
  11. I am just shocked! Shocked!!!
  12. Well, since that is completely not factual or proven to ANY degree, anywhere, you would be very wrong.
  13. For the 9 millionth time, if it is accessible and affordable. It's not just that being put in place. It is a dozen other 'safeguards' designed to limit the ability to get the maximum amount of voters involved, including getting 'poll watchers' more power to be able to intimidate voters. Republicans know that the more people vote, the less chance they have.
  14. It isn't. It's a statement of fact that Trumpites keep carrying forward a ridiculous Big Lie about 'election integrity' to justify his nonsense and to put into place voter suppression. Got it now, Karen?
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