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  1. Have to wonder, is she a time traveler from 1940, or just a moron?
  2. Plugs is incompetent. That’s not an opinion, but a fact. I have mild dementia and he’s to heck and gone worse than me. Scary he’s in charge of the nuclear Football.
  3. Would public hanging be appropriate? Maybe a little harsh. Howabout pubic hanging? .
  4. They don’t have baseballs enough to do that.
  5. https://www.foxnews.com/tech/facebook-rejects-illinois-police-group-officer-of-year-post-sensitive-social-issues
  6. Not sure. Mengele did some atrocious things, but not sure he’s personally responsible for 4 Million deaths like Fauci.
  7. You folks can forget an end to Covid. It’ll be with us forever. It’s a Democrat Virus, and complicit in it’s development is none other than Dr. Fauci. He makes Dr. Mengele look like a saint on death numbers.
  8. Can you imagine what would be done if these illegals were pouring into Martha’s Vineyard? The would be hitting the fan.
  9. Texas Dem politicians have spread more Covid than any group except the illegal aliens.
  10. Wonder if Milbank has ever took the time to point his “truth or fiction” magnifying glass on Biden? Talk about a Moron. Perhaps Milbank should be considered a Moron for not tackling the ineptitude of Dem leaders. Our President lies daily, our VP is an incompetent buffoon. Pelosi makes all these rules then sneaks out to a “closed” Beauty Shop for her own self. Where is Milbank? Probably, like all Far Left Liberals, feeding at the trough of Marxism. The amazing thing, some folks take him seriously. Can you imagine that?
  11. Once again, reading comprehension comes into play. I don’t personally feel threatened.....yet, but many Americans are. FYI, the post references a poll of Americans. While Evadale should be the Capital, it isn’t. America is a big place Barry, not simply East Texas. You need to bone up on geography. I can help you some with that. Just ask, or PM me. I’m there for ya.
  12. You can see videos now of illegals going into private homes. Thieves are stealing from stores with impunity. How long before they start taking from individuals. Yes, we’re on a path that you’ll have to defend your family, home and property with gunfire, or submit. Anarchy is the rule now.
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