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  1. They’re partly right. I had a preconceived opinion that Nancy is a pos. This just reinforced that opinion.
  2. If name calling is the last refuge of someone losing an argument, couldn’t the same be said for someone resorting to being the Spelling Police? I’ve got two wondar.
  3. He’s not qualified to be JP in Evadale. He’s transformed the DOJ into a propaganda arm of the Democratic Party. Impeached? I’m thinking incarcerated. Biden’s cabinet are the modern equivalent of the 3 Stooges. Can’t say I’ve seen one competent individual on it.
  4. He’s allegedly mentally competent yet needs a cheat sheet like that? And he’s in charge of the nuclear football. How do you spell redickyouless?
  5. I agree, and if they did, they’ve either forgotten it or didn’t understand it to begin with. I think both of them have slaughtered way to many gray cells via alcohol consumption, and/or illicit drug use. Between those and age, their combined IQ is only double digits. And they’re first & third in the leadership line, with Kackling Kamala in between them. Keep in mind, that’s the three best the Dems have. What does that say about the other 270 Dems in Congress? Really - 270 worse than Joe, Kamala and Nancy? That is one scary proposition.
  6. What a great teachable moment with the two decisions (guns & abortion) coming on consecutive days. Heard Biden & Pelosi both saying the Abortion decision went against the Constitution, and Pelosi even comparing the two decisions. So sad no one bothered to teach them about the Constitution & Amendments.
  7. Just watched CBS News. Norah O’Donnell spent 30 minutes encouraging Liberal Loons to get out and vote to overturn this decision. No pretense of fair and balanced. No indication of an unbiased Media. Gloves off - Full blown propaganda arm of the Democratic Party.
  8. And expect a supply shortage of Prozac in the next few weeks. Better living through chemistry.
  9. Same stats I came up with while investigating those punished via Capital Punishment. Not any of them were repeat offenders. Those results are so significant, I’m sure those on the Left were shocked at the outcome.
  10. And they’ve branded 1/6 as insurrectionist? They’re nothing compared to what we’ll see now. These Kooky Kinky Klowns will be out in the streets destroying, burning and killing - all with the blessings of Biden, Pelosi, Schumer and the DOJ. The insurrectionist (communist goons) have Carte Blanche. A great day to be a criminal.
  11. https://www.the-sun.com/news/5630803/russian-missile-fail-launch-ukraine-war/ S.Print of my post on another site.
  12. Speaking of demons, watched Paranormal Caught on Camera. Last video was of the Saratoga Lights. West Hardin is famous…….
  13. Agreed. Some years before I retired they had started the Big Brother . They have more people checking on the work workers do than they have workers. I suspect they had checkers checking the checkers. Ridiculous!
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