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  1. Obviously you didn’t read the initial link. The approx 3,700 deaths were obtained from VARES - Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. You’ll need to open the pdf files. I just took Carlson’s word for it. https://vaers.hhs.gov/
  2. Wild nailed it. When you elect morons, you get moronic decisions. If you allow this , it’s going to (as is happening in LA) create a growing monster. By the time they’ve had enough, you’ve got a monumental problem. A problem that will take more law and order to fix than America can stomach, so you’re stuck with it. Welcome to the new society, coming to all liberal cities.
  3. Seriously Barry, you don’t believe all that do you? Just look at the deaths in other countries compared to ours. We have more Covid deaths recorded than India and they have four times the people. If anything, our count has been fudged up. Except in the New York Nursing Homes - talk about jackasses - Cuomo.
  4. As a Press Secretary, I have no use for Jen Psaki. On the other hand, who would want to be the PS for stumbling Joe Biden? Talk about a no win job. Jen is already planning on leaving. Said after about a year. I’ll be surprised if she stays that long. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/jen-psaki-predicts-shell-leave-white-house-press-secretary-job-in-about-a-year
  5. A prime example of my mental loss. On another site, I was posting on Covid deaths. Instead of posting 586 Thousand deaths, I posted 586 Million. Another poster pointed out everyone in America would have to have died twice - . Didn’t I feel like the village idiot.
  6. I’ve met Colmes. At that time, he was a physically imposing man. Since then he’s went on one of those fad diets. Alas, I think he’s nothing more than a pencil neck geek now. .
  7. Man Made Global Warming is another casualty of Science. Nothing but a political tool.
  8. You need to make an effort to be more specific. But we all F-up a post every now & then. At my age, I have to stop & remember which words to use - or, our, are - there, their, they’re. Those used to be automatic, but now, no telling which word I’m liable to stick in. Funny thing, I won’t notice until right after I hit the enter button.
  9. And can you seriously believe that there are still some liberals who think there’s no media bias? Talk about low information voters.
  10. That’s a cricket post if I ever saw one. Statement was so ridiculous, it was embarrassing.
  11. Not sure how much of these stories are true, but IF Dominion was the only people with admin access to the voting machines, that’s totally wrong. One Dominion IT person could make the vote anything he/she wanted. There’s a reason Texas denied Dominions twice.
  12. DC can make job growth, as we saw when Trump was in office. Problem is, there are many around who know how the economy works like Trump did. If you want the Dems solution, see my above post where Pelosi says we need to spend more money. It’s the Dem answer.
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