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  1. Here’s a quarter call someone who cares. Me too Travis. https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/country-musics-travis-tritt-drops-anheuser-busch-products-bud-lights-dylan-mulvaney-campaign
  2. There was a time Big Buddy. There was a time.
  3. They do appear to be getting better. More on top of things. First the above, were they kinda think China leaked the virus. And this morning they announced they’re 75% sure it was the Japanese who attacked Pearl Harbor, not the Germans.
  4. https://www.foxnews.com/media/biden-dodges-reporters-question-covid-19-origin-hold-china-accountable Screen Print of post I made on another Forum.
  5. That hat prevents the truth from getting into Kirt’s hard head.
  6. Screep Print where I posted earlier on another site. For those of you open minded and not constrained by the Liberal Wokeness, or mentally blocked by an E-5 who’d been in the service 19 years and still outranked you (like Kirt), this is an eye-opener of a show, you’ll learn a lot. Poor Kirt. So correct about so much but even the military he claims to respect so much (Google Military response to UAP’s & Google UAP & UFO) admits they’ve been investigating them for decades, you’d think he’d admit he’s wrong.
  7. I know virtually nothing about College Basketball. Get passed Duke & I’m lost (are they still a powerhouse?). Besides, it’s embarrassing that Barry wins.
  8. Only sure thing, it won’t be Vidor. 100%
  9. American Bar? With the majority of lawyers liberal. Tell you what, get that info from National Review and it’ll carry more weight. I could quote Alex Jones and you’d surely have a similar response.
  10. Hmmm, you do realize that CRT involves gender identity? It shouldn’t, but it does. And for Little Johnny, I disliked working for 52 years but I didn’t have a choice, just like most folks.
  11. Proof once again that School Administrators have no regard for rules or laws. What gives them the right? When you spray insecticide behind the walls, the cockroaches come running out. Educated cockroaches. Educated in what, and by whom? Many probably in our State supported colleges. Subsidized by our taxpayers. Start spraying the insecticide in them, then the future graduates may have a different outlook.
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