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  1. This is the white puss on the top of a Democratic Pimple. You pop it and this is the type stuff coming out. - Foul bacteria, and dangerous infection. Sorry to our old Dems who’ve backed this Party for decades but “this ain’t your Gpa’s Democratic Party. I, and most folks would love to see them back, but it’ll need a big reversal. Just my opinion. I say this about reversal in a serious analogy. John Kennedy would never make it as a Democrat now. I don’t say that with any animosity, but with sadness. Not only would it make the Dems better, I’ve no doubt it would improve the Republicans as well.
  2. Like the Clintons, he’s Teflon coated. They have enough on him to put him away for life but he’ll never see the inside of a cell, or impeachment.
  3. Been a bunch around Evadale, not to mention the unmarked black helicopters. Seems to be a correlation between sightings and Bubba Joe’s sales of moonshine. I’m sure @Doomer has noticed the same thing up in Deadwood.
  4. Had an acquaintance say, “He should’ve known better, it’s a football game”. So I’m wondering, it’s a football game so there’s no place for the truth? Indefinite suspension seems a bit overboard for what was a mixture of truth & humor. But as I said on the other site, wokism has no place for humor, and this is Wokism Gone Wild. Heck, all Wokism is insanity gone wild.
  5. Biden is attempting to make Big Brother look like Big Sister. And that’s all I have to say about that.
  6. I’m all for Shannon Bream. She’s as pretty as a speckled eared pup. Be still my heart.
  7. Let’s not be irrational. There’s two possible choices. One, you can act like an American President, looking out for the interest of Americans. Barter for the release of an ex-Marine who loved this country so much he signed up to fight and die if necessary, for this country. Ot two, you can do the selfish thing, barter for the release of an American hating black, gay, basketball player, therefore ensuring most black & gay votes. So what did Biden do? He took the selfish path. Perhaps he hates America as much as she does? Then again, Joe has sold out this country ever chance he’s gotten. Lord, deliver us from yellow dog democrats.
  8. Democrats are professionals at the vote buying business. Johnson wrote the playbook. Biden as used it to the hilt. What’s intolerable, they use taxpayers money.
  9. No dog in this hunt, just basing my prediction on the schedules. LV has has an easier year. I’m picking Aledo in a close one, but whoever wins it, it should be close unless one team gets TO itis. From the fan’s standpoint it ought to be a great one.
  10. Shows Barry knows something. Politically he’s a nine-line-mess. Glad he knows his College Football.
  11. Bazinga! Hope that young lady gathered at least one iota of fairness from what Cruz said. Her brainwashed grey cells have been filled with the same one sided approach that Dems use on everything. Hello young lady, look at things from the middle and go from there.
  12. Certainly looks “made”. Reminiscent of some found on earth.
  13. No one ever thought them bright They were senile and not wrap tight But where does one go When questions arose To the old men who always were right.
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