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  1. Orwell nailed it. I am curious, did he have foresight, or just stumble into it? Or even, did these OWG/NWO folks come up with their plan on their own, or did they devise it after reading 1984? It worked in the book and seems to be working now.
  2. Sorry, @BarryLavertyyou young teachers have no idea what a chalkboard is lolololol.
  3. In his defense, what can he say? We all (him included, but he won’t admit it) know Biden is a pos.
  4. Lol, Voter Integrity, another Republican goal, and you know the Dems don’t want that. So since they’re not mutually exclusive, let’s see which ones are. Law & Order - Not hardly, defund the police. Fallow the Constitution - Nope, Trying to 3nd run Art 2 Sec 1. Energy Independence - Heck no. No inflation - No, want to spend more - excessive spending is what caused it. Enough, I’ve made my point.
  5. Not enough gigabytes in the Forum for anyone to post all Biden’s lies. Makes Trump’s minuscule fibs pale in comparison.
  6. “HIS job”? “HIS job”? You sexist Neanderthal. You angry old white man. You Stone Age redneck. On the other hand, you’re beginning to sound conservative.
  7. So, can I assume that wasn’t a line of chalk dust you were sniffing?
  8. Again I’ll ask, can you name any Democrats during the Trump Presidency that promoted working together? Did you read that list? Are angry old white guys the only ones that want - Law & Order - Follow the Constitution - Secure Borders - Energy Independence - Fair Trade - No vax mandates - No Iran Nukes - Parents rights - No inflation - Strong Military? Really? Only angry old white guys want that? C’mon Barry, at least post facts, not innuendo.
  9. Folks seem to forget, our Republic is made up of 50 States. Each State, like individuals, has rights. Doing away with the Electoral College would be analogous to doing away with States Laws. California has a State Income Tax, Texas does not. They also legalized marijuana and Texas has not. Choosing the President simply by popular vote would leave about 45 States with virtually no say in who’s to govern. When I was in HS (prior to WW-1), we discussed this. In my young, ignorant mind, it appeared obvious that popular vote should decide. When I got a little older I realized how wrong the teenage Hagar was. Evidently many still have that uninformed opinion.
  10. Trumplicans have ZERO interest in getting anything done? Did you hear Joe at his Press Conference saying, “Republicans aren’t for anything”, and that’s why you posted that? Surely not. Surely you don’t believe anything that senile (even more than me) buffoon says? I can only hope I interpreted you wrong, but just in case, I’ll post this meme which was posted on another thread by @mellon. Btw, can you name any liberals during Trump’s Presidency that promoted working together?
  11. Bill has been on vacation. He came back last night and verbally b-slapped several Dems & Sotomayor. Referring to Sotomayor’s totally off-base accusation of children & Covid, Maher said, “I mean, that’s really ignorant for a Supreme Court Justice”. https://www.foxnews.com/media/bill-maher-sonia-sotomayor-coronavirous-aoc-kyrie-irving
  12. As Bill Maher said, the Democrats bench is thin.
  13. Some progressive folks may find this Chinese Covid Test less intrusive.. https://www.the-sun.com/news/4512129/china-anal-swabs-covid-mandatory-winter-olympics/
  14. The ironic thing, Hunter & Joe have been getting paid off by foreign powers for years. That’s what needs to be investigated. This Trump witch hunt is nothing more than example of how much the Democrats fear Trump. He made America strong, and heaven knows the Dems don’t want that.
  15. Btw, you see Joe’s taking a few days off. Wonder why? They Jack him up with meds (mild amphetamines?) to make it through these things. After every one, he has to take off because he’s exhausted coming down off the high/rush. You could see him faltering as the press conference went on. It also explains somewhat his confusion. Being “jacked up” might help you physically but not his mental acuity, which his is minimal at his best.
  16. Seriously guys, why do they still use them for their news. How often do you see a liberal posting about FOX running a fake story? Compared to WAPO & NYT, hardly ever. But the fact that they do use them explains why they have no idea what’s going on.
  17. I hope no one has a problem with teaching history, but many, under the guise of teaching history, are indoctrinating children. Who on here is for that? Who on this site thinks our children should have a wedge between the races? Who on here thinks all whites are racist, and all blacks are oppressed? And while we’re on the subject of race, who on here thinks blacks are to dumb to vote? No one says white people are losing voting rights. No one says orientals are losing voting rights. Why do Democrats think blacks are to stupid to go down and vote in an election? Were I black I’d be offended. Seriously offended. Why blacks accept being put down by Democrats is another mystery to me.
  18. I don’t know ctown, are we through talking about election fraud? Based on Biden’s answers at the press conference, looks like we’ve just started. Despite the warnings by James Carville, the whining continues. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/biden-senators-slam-comments-2022-election-legitimate
  19. Only way to keep our educational system educating instead of indoctrinating is to have the right people at the top. Most of us know little about candidates in these positions. We all need to share what info we may have on them.
  20. Appears TDS is even starting to inflict some on the right. I can still remember when you & I were the only two Trump supporters on the Forum. Came a long way since then. And for me to support a loudmouth, brash, yankee carpetbagger was a stretch. Still remember my turning point - when he thumbed his nose at Political Correctness. Didn’t like it & durn sure don’t like or condone this idiotic wokeness. It’s Btw, a relative of mine was a Federal Officer. Worked his way up to Supervisor. His inability to get rid of the dead weight working for him kept his stomach tied in knots. He said you had to catch a guy sexually assaulting a sheep, and the sheep had to make a formal complaint.
  21. Let’s hope Barry doesn’t get banned. All the Left Wing Loons have left on another site. No fun posting where everyone agrees. Need a few folks who want America destroyed, as Biden is trying to do, to keep things interesting. Seriously, I find these liberals interesting to study, much like an entomologist studies bugs. One can only study them, I can’t believe anyone can actually understand them, again, like the bugs.
  22. Best as I can tell, the flu vaccine actually does make you immune from, at least one type flu, and helps against others. I may be wrong though. But these Covid shots don’t make you immune from anything. Still the question remains, what do you call a shot that doesn’t make you immuned? Just trying to broaden my knowledge.
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