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  1. Well I finally called one right. Figure Tatum, with that run game, would keep it close. Ltown will have trouble with Vidor’s slot T, but they’re pretty solid this year. Their QB will eat up the Pirates secondary. Great game Tatum. Look forward to seeing y’all in the playoffs. Good luck going forward.
  2. Well my, my, my. Appears the Air Force May have got in a battle they can’t win. Instead of concentrating on how to defend Taiwan, or take on Communist China or Russia, they’re concerned about potential officers claiming they have a Father and/or Mother. If that doesn’t make you shake your head in disbelief, you must be a liberal. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/air-force-brass-say-little-woke-initiatives-backlash
  3. My G’son is in the Marines. He was sent to school to be an Amphibious Assault Vehicle crewman. After school to Camp LeJune - and guess what. They’re in the process of scrapping the old AAV’s, and appear to be balking on getting the new ones. Since the Marines have always been the tip of the spear of amphibious assaults, why take that ability from them? He now gets sent on duties such as guarding the Afghan refugees after that fiasco. He’s on another assignment now. Classified as Secret (he’s not allowed to divulge what he’s doing or where). Point is, it has nothing to do with AAV’s. And he and his fellow jarheads are fed up with wokeism.
  4. I’ll go with Lumberton but no blowout. I’ll be surprised if score is over 1 TD by the winner. Ltown always has trouble with Vidor who runs the Slot T. So many spread teams now, a run oriented team causes the DC sleepless nights. Upset? Up hill battle but not impossible. If Ltown thinks they have a cakewalk - lookout. Will be a great game to watch with the contrasting styles.
  5. Scary as hades. I’d take that old Yellow Dog over the clowns running our country now.
  6. Our govt has one thing that works well. One thing that takes care of business, if allowed to. What’s that? America’s military. Since the Dems seem to be hell bent on destroying this country, they can’t allow this to continue. It must be stopped- destroyed. Here’s a big step in doing that. Wokeness! Can’t imagine the smiles on the faces of the generals in China as they read this. Congrats Joe, Chuck and Nancy. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/air-force-academy-promotes-fellowship-bans-cisgender-men-this-program-isnt-for-you
  7. Liberals are the problem gw. For a while many of us thought the drivel they said/posted was sarcasm. Surely that nonsense was sarcasm, but wait………..no! Stop the presses. It isn’t sarcasm, they’re trying to be serious. No way! Yes, way. Their post makes my head spin like the Tilt-a-whirl. Prime example - Alejandro Mayorkas, Biden’s Head of Homeland Security when he repeatedly gets in front of a microphone and says, “Our Borders are secure”. That’s a joke, right? Noooooooo. And the Dem voters believe him. Uninformed voters? Not sure - what do you call a person who knows someone is lying to them but still believes it? I don’t think there’s a word for that - other than Democrat.
  8. Lmbo, glad to see - you may have lost your mind but at least you still have a sense of humor (of sorts, lol). And despite your lobotomy, there still appears to be a little humanity left.
  9. Have to agree 100%. Possible when the info gets to where the brain is suppose to be it finds a vacuum? Brings up an interesting possibility. Like liberals have abortion clinics to kill the innocent children, perhaps they have Lobotomy Clinics for wavering Dems. Suppose a life long Dem finally starts to grasp how they’ve been duped, rather than becoming a Republican they stop in to a clandestine Lobotomy Clinic to have the frontal lobe of their brain “aborted”. Voila, you’ve got the epitome of a Democratic voter - mindless! I think we’ve discovered their secret.
  10. Lmbo, since you posted yourself in a corner, trying to defend the indefensible, you had to resort to changing my post. That’s twice in the last few days I’ve seen you “post yourself in a corner”. Face it young feller, if you’re still a proponent of the Democratic Party’s agenda, you’re backing the wrong horse. Biden and his Merry Band of Loons are doing their best to destroy America. But wait……. I may be wrong saying your wrong - perhaps you want to see our country destroyed also? That’s the only plausible explanation.
  11. That post is a gotcha. When Barry is confronted by a “gotcha” post, one that shoots down his supposition, what’s left? He knows the Dems are wrong but blindly follows them. What describes someone like that?
  12. Historically a black eye for Americans, but the Airline industry stood firm.
  13. This “word salad” is the pinnacle recipe. Seriously, this “community” thing is reminiscent of Abbott & Costello doing their skit of Who’s on First. Yes indeed fellow posters, Abbott & Costello would paid money for her material. Let’s see how it may fit with a couple of current comedians. If you think Kamala is full of male bovine feces, you might be a redneck. If you believe anything Kamala says, here’s your sign. Yep, she’s still the object of great material.
  14. Pretty insightful and based on real life experience. And I suppose “living on the screen” has made many believe that if it’s on the screen, it’s bound to be true. Even older people are duped into that thought. Makes me want to beat my head on the wall.
  15. An example of how these folks soak up like a sponge with water. I can’t comprehend it but he’s an individual example of it happening. It’s unbelievable. Are our educational institutions teaching people not to think for themselves? I’m serious, I’m at a loss to understand, so if you can explain it, please do. Are folks losing individual thought like they’ve lost common sense?
  16. Amen! Talk about ridiculous mumbling. Obvious he was backed into a corner. When your only comeback is ridiculous mumbling, you’ve lost. And really RF1, it shouldn’t be but obviously it is rocket science for some. When you don’t know that the price of fossil fuels is the leading factor in our inflation, and you want to forget that he started it all his first day with nixing the pipeline, you’ve been completely blinded by insane far left politics. How they get this blind allegiance out of their folks, turning people into sheep, is the part that’s so fascinating and inexplicable to me.
  17. You do know that the world’s economy is based on our economy? Biden fanned the fires of inflation and it spread worldwide. Recovered? Maybe where you live but in SETX it’s still running rampant. SS increase? Since I’ve been on SS every increase has been devoured by an increase in Medicare. Not accepting that Biden is the cause of our inflation is truly blindly partisan. His mindless assault on fossil fuels precipitated the inflation since virtually all our goods are transported and many manufactured via fossil fuels. It ain’t rocket science. Well, maybe for you.
  18. Simple, one word, inflation. That has caused grief and damage to about 98% of the population. Especially the elderly who live on fixed incomes (myself included). Based on your post I figure you’re probably not aware of the inflation. Heaven knows your sources for news probably paint a glorious picture of how well our economy is doing - how the Border is secure - how crime is not a problem. Alas, as the old saying goes, ignorance is bliss. Can’t fault you, only fault your news sources.
  19. I look at everything they do as nefarious. There are two objectives. One is to enhance & enrich the Biden Cartel. The other is the destruction of America as we know it. Kudos to them on achieving both. And they did it with no regard whatsoever of the grief and damage meted out to the rest of us.
  20. As I’ve posted before, I’m not a big fan of British royalty. She’s the exception. Imo she’s the last of British Royalty. The King, and the rest of the family are given the titles. She earned hers. The remainder will never “walk the walk”. While she was a monarch of/for the people, the rest are “untouchables”, or as I believe, have a better than thou attitude. We’ll never see her like again. RIP Queen Elizabeth
  21. If you like the color red, don’t miss this. Those British Dress Uniforms are bright enough red to intimidate the enemy, lol. I am impressed with the strength of their neck muscles. Have to be strong to hold up those big black headdresses. Several look like the “hats” have come down over their eyes.
  22. Officials at Friday nights Evadale game had to leave immediately after to officiate the Tx A&M vs Miami game. Where you getting your info from? We run a clean program. Everything on the up & up (except the Rebels vs the Oilers, lol).
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