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  1. Did Troup make the playoffs in football this year?
  2. Okay. Didn't know. Just thought I remembered reading about it somewhere. Hate to hear of any program losing a coach that way.
  3. Didn't their baseball coach die a couple of years ago?
  4. Wouldn't they have already filled it if they were staying inside?
  5. We've all seen places like this, and usually things will get better with time. Good athletes will either cycle back through program, or in this case, a simple change at the top may be just what they need.
  6. I've been around a few kids that I would like knock upside the head, but would never do it out of hate or anger. Wasn't raised that way.
  7. Heard L-K might be hiring tonight. Anybody know who they are going with?
  8. How far under the cutoff were they?
  9. Cotton84 on another post you mentioned 3 hometown coaches applying Im guessing Coach Pate is one of these who are the other two? And where is Coach Pate now?
  10. When he says jump Chuck Norris says how high?
  11. Pretty sure RR interviewed last time it was open. He had a lot of success there in the late 80's and 90's.
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