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  1. Yea the math on rodney doesn't add up to me either. Unless he was on preston's staff. Idk if he was or not..still doesn't count to his record.
  2. Preston was a great Coach..but he wasn't from LK. He was from Monticello if my memory serves me right. Graduated from Pine Bluff. Pretty sure Rodney went to LK though. Was Rodney on Preston's staff and took over after he left?
  3. Need that same energy from the varsity tonight. Hang 70 on em DF
  4. Look star, you obviously do have time. Not blaming you at all. Just not going to sit here and let you consistently blame the coaches or bash them.
  5. I'll continue to do whatever I please. Didn't say anything about what threads to comment on..just said worry about Highland Park. Thank you though.
  6. Imagine how the coaches feel everytime you comment on an LK tiger thread. Exactly how you put it I'd assume. Worry about Highland Park.
  7. Again...trash. Never said anything about you hating the coaches. What am I lying about. You're just making up things I never said.
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