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  1. Saw a tweet that board meeting is Monday and expected to name a coach Monday night.
  2. Sounds like a good hire for Teague
  3. Stepp says Houston area coordinator
  4. Did McClure have years on his contract and they didn't just want to pay him off? Or they really wanted to keep him around? Not unusual to create some bogus position or move them to transportation or something until their contract is up. But if he's there for the long haul, that's a huge red flag
  5. That's what I thought. Was confused when someone said they heard Morton would be AD too
  6. Interesting if it's true that McClure is involved with making hires or recommendations. Best of luck to Atlanta and the new coach.
  7. Makes more sense than Pinkard. Was Morton at Texas High before AHS?
  8. The current metroplex coach or someone else?
  9. Interesting... eastern edge of metroplex?
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