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  1. That would be a good move. Hes from there and may not want that long term (so he can stay in Hallsville longer) but it would be a good idea atleast for this year.
  2. Who will the Bobcats hire this late? Or will they go with an interm for a year?
  3. Will be interested to see how PG does this year. Not sure I'd put them at 5, but they may come out hot
  4. Wow. It's very late to be looking for a new Head Coach. Also, not an athletic director position
  5. Never mind, his Twitter looks like he's back at Midlothian Heritage
  6. Where did Crowell end up?
  7. Stepp tweeted that Sulphur Springs DC Alex Guerra is the new HC
  8. Former Pitt OC Brenton Whitaker is the new guy per Stepp
  9. He's talking about the new DC though. Coming from Chapel Hill. Gave up an average of 35 points a game last year. Average of 41 points the year before.
  10. He said the new coach... so it's a different new coach? Different sport?
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