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  1. You are correct as you now. Accurate reporting. Wish Coach Rhoades and his staff luck in the remaining games. Tough season with injuries and a rugged sked along the way.
  2. Don't you mean how will the Robinson Rockets utilize their new weapon from Milam County Rhoades needs offensive and defensive linemen
  3. If he establishes residence in Cameron ISD this summer, he will not be eligible for varsity participation until the 2nd semester--is that correct?
  4. Question --did Tim Grice enroll at Yoe?
  5. A FOOTBALL COACHING LEGEND WILL RETIRE 2023-01-11 (LORENA) There is shocking news out of Lorena with the announcement their longtime football coach will retire. Lorena Head Football Coach and Athletic Director Ray Biles announced he will retire. He took over the Leopards program in 1992 and has been on board for 31 years, 207 wins, and a state championship in 2021. He took Lorena to the playoffs 17 times and won 9 district titles. Prior to coming to Lorena, Biles was an assistant at Katy High from 1980-1991. No announcement was made on who might take over the program.
  6. Kind of like Cameron going to be Cameron, when they hired Brashear for 5 years. Keep it inside the family. But at least Hamrick has been a AD and Head coach. Only time will tell if it is the right hire. Good luck Coach Hamrick. Figure out a way to get the ball to Tim Grice as much as you can.
  7. I believe Fedora married a Rockdale Lady great place for him to land and rebuild.
  8. Yoe versus Yoakum should be a interesting game, Yoe seems to have lost the magic that they had against Lorena. It has been a bit down hill from Lorena game. Yoakum may play bully ball against Yoe, which seems to cause the defense problems. QB has to carry the team on his back. It could be one and done for Rhoades and Yoe.
  9. You may be right Yoe may not belong in top ten, I guess we will find out if and when they reach the playoffs.
  10. LRA beat up injury wise concussion---leg injuries but it most likely will be a close game Friday at Yoe . Yoe homecoming week does not always bring out the best effort on Friday nights.
  11. The question is can LRA stop Lorena running game. We will see if the LRA qb is the best in the region, the crown he was bestowed after last season. Should be a great game. Sure some Yoe fans will have a eye on that game.
  12. Yoe defense will get better if the two inside linebackers improve and 16 stays healthy. Yoe fans wait and see how the defense holds up against LRA. The district is wide open --= any bodies guess who will finish 1st. Lorena and their run stop defense should be a interesting match up against Franklin.
  13. Great job WR 22 Yoe. Lorena had to move number 7 over to cover him. Tough district lets see what happens against LRA.
  14. Yoe fans it is just one game now, lets not get carried away. Most everything went Yoe's way. Watch next week. Good luck to Coach Rhoades and staff next week.
  15. Linebacker is a good kid, made a decision based on what is best for he and his family. Hope all goes well for him. Now someone else will be the leading tackler and all district for Yoe.
  16. The linebacker chose to pursue a academic scholarship instead of playing football, he was pretty small and a football scholarship was going to be hard to get. As far as wide receiver I believe he chose to leave after conversations with the staff during track season. Wish him luck in Temple. You usually have a larger turn out when you a winner year in year out or when the kids can run the program and the coaches allow it to happen in the field house and on the field. As 09 referenced the kids, he was being nice. Some do not want to play under a coach whom requires a work ethic and accountability. also Cameron is a economically disadvantaged school district and kids have to work to buy their clothes and help put food on the table. So sometimes it is more complex than saying they are lazy. There was a reason there was a house cleaning at Yoe. I guess we will see if Rhoades can right the ship. At least their body language is better and they trot off the field instead of drag tail. Best of luck to Coach Rhoades and staff. Good insider info 09 keep it up.
  17. The freshman running back looked good. You know his name. He has speed. The varsity secondary is going to have to tackle if they are going to play with Lorena-Academy-Franklin and Rockdale. They are small dudes except for Charlie Mayer. The D-linemen Johnson will get double teams all season long. If Yoe wins this season he will get all state honors.
  18. 82 kids No big surprise--Rhoades works his players hard---some of the kids just don't think it is worth the grind. Yoe had become a pretty soft country club under Brashear. Rhoades is in a rebuild --I am sure Coach is just as concerned as the Yoe fans about the numbers-----but he has to play the cards he was dealt. If he can rebuild his junior high program the way he wants things will get better number wise. Good luck Coach Rhoades, fans and players --hope you have a injury free year.
  19. Yoe usually pick up 3 or 4 more freshman when school starts. After the first six weeks it may become tough on Yoe to field a freshman team. Yoe will start having to play kids on both sides of the ball freshman through varsity.
  20. 79 what you think of the new baseball coach? Heard he was a assistant under Coach Holder. Holder was at Yoe under Sapp.
  21. 79 Rumor is that Rhoades has secured a Head Baseball Coach and Girls Head Basketball Coach he is working to fill those 10 vacancies.
  22. 79 rumor is line coach Dooley is leaving Yoe.
  23. I understand Mr. Hemphill had problems recently at the end of track season. I believe it was like either you are with us or out the door. Mr Hemphill and his handlers chose out the door. Best of luck to Mr Hemphill at his new destination. Yoe don't kick the ball to the guy or you will be sorry. Yoe has been pretty much irrelevant for the last six years, what I mean by that is not really in the conversation as a state title contender. Rhoades and staff making a effort to change the culture at Yoe. Guess Yoe fans will see if it works. Lot of athletes have been on easy street in Cameron for awhile.
  24. Nation 79 what are your thoughts on the the unofficial hire of the co coordinator from Hallettsville.
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