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  1. Carthage (4-0) defeated Henderson (1-2) 7-2 Center (1-2) defeated Tatum(0-3) 5-1
  2. Hallsville looked really young, but they were pretty tenacious. I think the energy of their new coach and tradition will propel them to play up a level. They were competitive and never really looked "outclassed" in any of the games I saw. The 5-run ITB inning that ended with a walk off hit was impressive
  3. Big School Bracket 1st place Grandview 2nd place Carthage 3rd place Lovejoy 4Th place DeQueen Anyone know how small schools turned out?
  4. 5A) Hallsville lost a lot to graduation, but I don't know what the "have coming"... Texas High, Sulphur Springs, Mt Pleasant, Pine Tree, Greenville, & Marshall.... Pine Tree will have top tier pitching, but could struggle offensively... who's the team to beat? I don't have enough info on any of these teams to even have an opinion... 4A) Henderson, Carthage, Rusk, Tatum, Center - Lots of talent in this district that ended with three teams tied for first place last year... Who's favored to win here? Henderson feels like they "underachieved" last year, and they will be out for blood, Rusk lost a big time player in Rachel Miller, but still have top tier talent and pitching, Carthage looks stacked with pitching depth and horsepower, Tatum has some freshmen who should help this year, and I know nothing about Center... 3A) Beckville and Harleton took a pretty significant hit to graduation and are moving into district with White Oak, New Diana, Elysian Fields, Jefferson, Waskom,& Ore City. Will Beckville and Harleton come in and take two playoff spots? I think White Oak is the cream of the crop, and I think Randi Carol gets healthy and gives Harleton a opportunity to play spoiler.... Not familiar enough with Jefferson, New Diana, EF, or Ore City to make any kind of call on them. Beckville will be very young, but they have had great success in recent history 2A) Alto, Cushing, Douglass, Gary, Joaquin, Mount Enterprise, Timpson, Wells - One team advanced to regional semis and one to regional quarters - Are Joaquin and Cushing still the best of this district? I think Joaquin has a chance to have a special year!
  5. Martins Mill and Joaquin were impressive last year... what about Groveton? How will Beckville and Harleton do in 3A district? Who are the 4A teams to watch?
  6. Just curious who you all think will be the best East Texas teams in the 2017 season. I know there are several East Texas teams who have played into late May in the past several years, who among them do you think has the best chance to repeat that success and who is expected to fall early? What classification and/or district will showcase the best teams?
  7. It seems that there are a lot of school boards coming under fire as of late, and many deservedly so. The dynamics of school board members and administrators with kids in the program, boards who hire "kinfolk", and generational representation of one family on a board is a formula that a lot of unsuccessful programs use throughout the state. Like any other "elected" position, there is always the threat of corruptibility when there is no accountability.
  8. Who did Waskom hire? I had heard rumors of some local coaches interviewing, but never heard who they decided on?
  9. Carthage @ Jasper 5pm & 7pm Friday - Central Pollock
  10. Bickham or Ludlow. Creative as they'll get
  11. Whoever it is won't be bringing in any staff, so there is really no hurry. Where has Thomas been?
  12. I was listening to KGAS this evening and heard the Beckville superintendent say he and the board were "shocked" when resignation was turned in. Is that not why school boards vote not to extend a contract?
  13. How you really feel, BillyClyde? I really do not see a great mystery as to what has happened there. You just have to look at the names that have not changed in the past 8 years to see where the problem lies. And EVERYBODY KNOWS there are three sides to every story 1) what got told 2)what got heard 3 what happened
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