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  1. Growing Community, Great Kids, Good Families, Good Facilities, Coachable Kids, Very few Select Players, will have 3 will be Juniors to build around that started on a good 2021 team, and 2 will be Seniors that made major contributions in 2021 Season. Im not sure how the JV was in 2022. 2018 (17-12), 2019 (19-6), 2020 (5-6, Covid), 2021 (22-10). 63-34 during this span with a couple trips to the play-offs. From 2013-2017, they were a .500 team with a playoff appearance. February 2021 completely new athletic staff was hired. Extremely Competitive Baseball District, not uncommon for teams that advance to make a good run.
  2. Huge Positive Influence on many lives. Was fortunate enough to play for him in HS. Take a look at the amount of current HS Coaches that played for him.....tells you all you need to know about The Man!!
  3. One of the best COACHING STAFFS in the entire state, and people want to move on from it. You have no idea how hard those men work. Not saying the next staff wont work hard, nor be successful, but trust me when I tell you not every staff works like they do. They have done a wonderful job with what they have, those kids work extremely hard for them. Amazing that going 4 rounds deep, getting beat by the eventual state champion, is no longer "good enough". Wonder how long it would take for those great coaches to get employed elsewhere? And by the way, you guys that have been there since Day 1 of the Traylor era.....we no longer need you because you dont know offense, defense (seems they had a few shutouts this year), special teams, or building men of character. Grass isn't always greener, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
  4. By looking at the All-District Team, one would assume Gilmer must have struggled. To finish in 2nd and only have 5 guys make 1st or 2nd team??? Coach Pate(s) must have done a really good job. Congrats to the SH boys that made it! Those kids have been playing good baseball for a long time
  5. playaction that would put you there about the time of Coach Childress and Coach VanHorn?
  6. I have a son who will soon play HS (I am a HS coach), and does play select spring/summer league baseball. This argument is ridiculous to me. Are we really pointing fingers at HS coaches and Arm abuse?? I will be impressed when someone takes on Perfect game showcases and big money select organizations who use kids to benefit the club. Nobody will do this, to much $. Problem is to many kids throwing year round, playing on multiple competitive teams, and not developing arm strength, it IS NOT the HS coach. I guess all the concussions in FB are the Head Coaches fault, all broke noses in basketball are the basketball coaches fault?????
  7. Dont like it at all. Not sure why that will be a better way to find a champion. Teams go through peaks and valleys all year and to play a team twice in one week, that may not have come together yet, to me, makes no sense. Doesnt help a team to hit its stride at the right time, if they are eliminated in 3rd week. The way its set up now, you might beat the team on April 29th that run ruled you on March 21st, thus keeping your chances alive.
  8. I love the way Panther89 thinks, surely neither team will have a problem with Princeton or Melissa!! Congrats to Coach Jones on yet another great run. Congrats to the Panthers and Coach Windham on another great run! Congrats to both Melissa and Princeton, both representing the district extremely well in the Semi-Finals. (Is this the only district in the state with 2 teams still remaining?
  9. Last year there was a tie, SH and Carthage. Both we Co-Champs (per district minutes), SH won seeding game.
  10. I think in my 12 years associated with that district, nobody could claim ownership of it. White oak was in it for a bit and contended for title, Spring hill, Gilmer, Carthage, when Bullard was in have all won the district title. All the above listed won that district or competed at the top of it, Chapel Hill also made noise, Gladewater was winning that district in the 2003-2005 time period. All teams in that district, whether down right now or not, have had very much success in that district since 2001 forward. When you have good baseball teams, no team dominates, they survive
  11. Coach Windham, You will greatly enjoy the baseball kids at Spring Hill, as well as their parents/families (They made me and my family feel very welcome). The Dixie system they have is incredible, the pipeline of players will never run dry and they do great job running the league. The baseball kids you will have returning know how to win and how to work hard. They ARE NOT prima-donnas. They will play extremely hard and never quit. You will also love the teachers that you work with, great people. Athletic secretary will keep you in line, she is great! Guy that takes care of your field is priceless. Dont take the nets down, kids will hit year round. Best of Luck man
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