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  1. ND is fast paced and can score quicklY but gives up a lot on D. QC is a clock runner and plays keep away. Which team can control the pace and play their game? The one that does will probably win. What's your thoughts?
  2. Not if Hooks will run the ball and the clock!
  3. Could it be we are a little better and faster than you thought?
  4. ND does have speed in areas. They also have injuries in others. That's the same story with all teams. You play with the best available 11. I don't know much about Da Bears. I do know ND is improving. They are trying to regain a winning attitude. This is a measuring stick game for them. Win and they could gain confidence. Lose and they are looking for the QC game. ND will score and score more than most think. Da Bears will score too. This game is more dependent on the turnovers and point after conversions. ND has the ability but it is also Da Bears Homecoming. That gives Da Bears an advantage!
  5. Hooks by 19 ND and DK in a score fest. Last one with the ball wins. OC by 2
  6. Hughes Springs by 14+ after trailing in tge 3rd.New Boston grinds down the clock and keeps the Tigers d on the field. They win by 17 LK comings out firing on all cylinders and get a big lead. Pride find the bulldogs who they to make a game of it way too late. Union Grove comes to ND for the 1st time since Roger Adams has been gone. It is ND homcoming night. I see the 1st homcoming going better than the 2nd teams. If grove plays Defense well ND is done for. The Eagle can not stop either of the prior two teams they have played. Mt Vernon shows up early but Hooks finishes hard and scored alot. DeKalb will overwhelp Maud with speed. Win by 1
  7. Prayers to the OC athletes who were hurt pretty bad last night.
  8. The Grove is playing well and the Eagles are still winless. Will the Eagles shock the Grove on Homecoming night or will the streak continue?
  9. Hooks gets a little better on Offense. Big win. Atl will roll D'fd after their week 1 loss. Troup beats OC at home in an upset. NB man handles Dk. With ND having a 5am pep rally and then going all day. Big loss. Jefferson will squeeze by Pewitt after the ot loss last week. Prairiland take care of home turf.
  10. ND is young. TheY are not bad. They have a lot to learn under a new staff. It is going to be a tough road until the can get some expirence under their belt in the new system. Last year is over. It was 0-10. That does not mean it will be the same result.
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