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  1. Then if they allow transfers he can. BUT may NOT play varsity for one year.
  2. JUST a UIL violation. Unless he has full legal custodianship for more than year.
  3. New coach for Chapel Hill Basketball. Coach Johnson from EF is the new head coach. Also, coaching varsity football
  4. Still no answer to why this job opens up so much.
  5. Why is this job always seem to open? They have had some good coaches go through the door.
  6. The coach that was there did a great job.
  7. 20 Most Dangerous Cities In TexasFBI Uniform Crime Report What are the most dangerous cities in Texas? To get the inside scoop on the cities in Texas with the highest crime rates, we consulted the most recent FBI Uniform Crime Report to find out what areas of Texas are the most dangerous. Our rankings are based solely on the data publicly released each year by the FBI. A crime is a crime, so we took both violent and property crimes into account when compiling our list of Texas’ most dangerous cities. We realize that this topic is inherently controversial in nature and hits close to home. We are aware that there are many different ways to present this data, but when compiling this list we chose to consider not just murder rate, but both violent and property crimes. 1. Weslaco, TX 2. Texarkana, TX 3. Lufkin, TX 4. Edinburg, TX 5. San Antonio, TX 6. Lubbock, TX 7. Houston, TX 8. Beaumont, TX 9. Paris, TX 10. Corsicana, TX 11. Galveston, TX 12. Austin, TX 13. Longview, TX 14. San Benito, TX 15. Hurst, TX 16. Harlingen, TX 17. Lancaster, TX 18. Laredo, TX 19. Waco, TX 20. Tyler, TX
  8. Hooker's job if he wants it. Connections
  9. Interesting hire. Great person.
  10. So now all the staff changes. This really hurts coaches and families. CH will have them and so will Crosby. Worst part of the coaching business.
  11. I heard BB coach may become an administrator in the district. Retiring from coaching only.
  12. Mavs will be back and rocking next season.
  13. The website for job openings does not seem to be working. Very interesting.... I have also been told by someone close to school board. The men's basketball job is coming open. Coach is retiring.
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