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  1. Pretty lame that all of the games are held on nfhs and requires subscription maybe I’m just cheap
  2. Impressive for sure i thought for sure whoever won between sinton and calallan would win state
  3. that forum is pretty dead however and i think people have more success posting in this forum instead over the past few years
  4. State is the round after next. Still have to get through regional finals
  5. yea but theyve got depth rusk might be able to keep up in a series but theyre best when their dude is on the mound
  6. outside of guys like frank gore the shelf lifefor running backs just isnt very long
  7. hard to fault the kid given that other talents like johnathon gray were run into the ground
  8. i thought he was saying the new guy just found out and that was the new coach i dont know anything about henderson so he would definitely know more
  9. this argument is dumb i just want to know whats going on at edgewood
  10. the original job postings didnt even mention the new hfc
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