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  1. lol. Looking at both Mags..... Y'all will be D1 for sure. Closer to 4A D2 than 3A D2.
  2. Lol they would be in White Oaks district. I wish that Spring Hill, Gladewater, and White Oak were in the same district.... be same great football games with a lot people at them. Also good for each of the schools considering how close they are.
  3. I doubt it... a bunch of 330's and 340's in D-2. Will have to make big jump in enrollment to move up.
  4. I never want to see anyone fail, and I totally agree the talent is her. Just have to get it going! Would love to be one of the strongest districts in the state at some point. Makes for great games and memories.
  5. White Oak will run under the radar, and that game will be the turning point and will give a boost into the playoffs for one of the teams. Hope it's the boys from the valley of of roughnecks bc they're due!
  6. Have West Rusk butting heads with Crockett in the first round... Reasonable predictions though.
  7. Last year, i firmly believe, if Hood wouldn't have gone down they would have competed much better and won that game. Turned the ball over a lot, but not taking anything away from Jefferson, they got us haha!
  8. Not a homer pick, but I strongly believe White Oak will get it done this year. Last year they were caught at the wrong time in a tough environment in Jefferson and bit the dust. They bring back key players and get some back from injury and should reload with a talented JV that went 9-1. WO Jefferson Hughes Springs New Boston Redwater Sabine Middle 3 are up in the air for me.
  9. No doubt Winona found its stride going into the playoffs last year
  10. White Oak in the past, yes. White Oak the last 7 years, no. Just goes to show the times have changed. D-Field showed they can be good last year at times, just fell asleep on a Winona team that was hot last season. It happens. They'll be determined to avenge that this year. Ready for the throwdown in DField this year, last year was a dandy of a game!
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