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  1. We including myself all seem to think this game will be a close battle between the two. Then there's the thought that one could gap the other if things go their way. I wouldn't be surprised if this happens. We will see Fri. Looking forward to this battle.
  2. If Newton plays a second half as they do the first half they will win. If they let up like the second half vs Dekalb Waskom could take the win. I'm going with the Eagles.
  3. Game is in Carthage next Fri. 7-7:30 kickoff
  4. From next week on all teams better have their A game on. Doesn't get any easier. Newton should win this game.
  5. Newton with another signature win. 50+
  6. Newton's 1st game.. only a scrimmage vs Buna this season. They young but don't count them out.
  7. Newton will be hanging around. If the uil dont cancel the season.
  8. East Bernard will be playing who for SC ? More than likely Canadian.
  9. So Troup gets to play Newton @ Troups Home ?
  10. I know they lost WT their head coach. Also Offense coordinator Neece went to a head coaching job. Not sure who is coordinator at Newton now. They lost 2 great Coaches and it is showing on the field.
  11. From the looks of the photos from the game ND had a better radar to seek out the goalline in the Fog. Throw it in the clouds and guess where it comes down kinda game.
  12. Teams know where Newton is going with the ball every play. Their playcalling is predictable every snap. A Scat right scat left and scat trap offense will have you sitting at the house or playing basketball. What is happening to the offense seems to be contagious and spreading to their defense. Hope they can get on the right track.
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