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  1. Peace Brothers. Only 8 teams standing and we both are one of them. (Eagles)
  2. I'm gonna say one last thing about this game. Daingerfield had athletes all over the field. Loaded. I would say even more than Newtons 2017 and 18 team. Speed at every position. Dangerfield should have came into this game undefeated on the year . They had talent to defeat Newton but didn't make it happen. Great Win for Newton.
  3. It will be settled on the field Friday. Not overlooking anyone who shows up in a 4th round. Eagles will be ready.
  4. Newton...much easier than the Daingerfield game.
  5. Great game Daingerfield. Hate to see 2 teams like Daingerfield and Newton meet this early in playoffs. Both are better than the 4th and 5th round teams in my opinion. Much respect for Daingerfield
  6. They Peeping round the corner saying..Man I wish I hadn't talked all that trash..
  7. Clock running 2nd half. Newton makes DF fans grab for paper sacks to cover face before leaving.
  8. Yall Not bringing enough to the table for all the Hottt Air being spewed. Yall see tomorrow.
  9. The knowledge of the great hottt air blowers from Daingerfield is lacking. That's why they don't realize Newton gonna destroy dem DF boyz.
  10. Check your source. Wos did not beat Newton.. Sorry but your confused.
  11. Oh Yea Newton could've and would've. Daingerfield just weak and feeble . You think Timpson beat yall wait till Fri . You will see what a real beatdown feel like. Bringing back 2018 memories.
  12. Timpson is a one man team. You stop him you win and just because they beat yall don't mean diddle
  13. Ok getting quite on here. One you Daingerfield promoters fire up the crackpipe get the smoke rolling again.
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