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  1. Harmony coaches put players where they can best contribute for the team. They manage the clock perfectly. Their QB is awesome. Their only weakness if one could call it that  is defense. I see them as bending but not breaking. They are well rounded in size . I think they make it to AT& T. I am not from Harmony but have watched them play. Don't let the 10 and 4 record deceive you. They are good.

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  2. 40 minutes ago, FIGNEWTON said:

    A bye week and boys wasn't ready and got down 21 to 0 and then it was over lol they decided to play ball and that's what they did they shut it down quick 

    Bye weeks and Turkey week always break the rhythm of a team.  On turkey week they full of turkey and lose a step. Glad we beyond that now and get back normal.  Weather is the main concern now along with injuries. 

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