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  1. 12 hours ago, EastTxFinest said:

    Just checking on yall 👀 


    It still hurts man. Getting beat by a good team helps a little. At the beginning of the year I didn't think Newton would go this far into playoffs because of all the young players. Was kinda a rebuild year mentality. They developed well and kept getting better. Dfield fielded more athletes and you could see it from the stands. We got a young team coming back and hope to be back next year. Dam but that's a long wait. I think Dfield can win it all. They have the athletes that neither Tidehaven Gunter or Canadian have  faced this year at all. Will be pulling for yall all the way. 👍

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  2. 11 hours ago, kingwolf said:

    Watching some Tidehaven games on NFHS, they have some talent. The RB is pretty good…good size and speed. They seemed to be pretty methodical on offense but susceptible to big plays on defense…not a lot of back end speed.

    It is easy to see that DF is a lot more talented across the board. I know they aren’t counting them out but DF should roll.

    Watched that game last night myself. Tidehaven has one man.The big back. Speed no comparison to Dfield.. Dfield should win this game with ease. Jmo.

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  3. 7 hours ago, Hawkball7 said:

    That's a formality, if you know ball, you know the best two teams will be in Abilene. Plus does Dangerfield really wanna step on the field with Gunter, we all know how that ends. 

    Not well for Gunter if they make it the SC game. Gunter got to get past Canadian first. If they do that probably their last win. Dec 14th belongs to Dangerfield. Mark this comment in your notes 👍

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  4. Never liked even the name of Tomatoe 🍅 Bowl nor never wanna go back to that nightmare.  Who chose that no parking potty hole ?.. Never felt good about this game after hearing it was tomato 🍅 bowl and we were visitors. Surely didn't like the outcome. The outcome probably would've happened on any field but a one-legged man having to walk across town to the gate wouldn’t have. No more Tomatoes bowl for me. Speaking of one legged man like me. Newton looked like a one legged man in a azz kicking contest  last night. 🌙.  Great Win Dfield.

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  5. 2 hours ago, Eagle8 said:

    I'm thinking Tidehaven just ain't gonna have the horses to run with DF. Speed and athleticism overwhelms them to set up that inevitable matchup with the Machine known as Gunter. 

    Gunter if they make it to State don't have anything for Dfield. I would rather see them play Gunter than Canadian.  Canadian will be airing out the ball and can do it well but that's not saying Dfield couldn't beat them .

  6. 2 hours ago, dfield68,83,85,08,09,10 said:

    Newton has some good players. But like I have been preaching all week,not enough. Them Tigers actually some Dawgs. And showed it. I told y'all them newtons folks would be mia. 

    No we here.. read my post. Dangerfield got the athletes to win it all. Great game. Gonna try to make the game in Conroe if you wanna put a Benjamin up. I got Dangerfield in this one. Thanks for saving me a Benjamin tonight.  FastTurtle one short tho. 🤣

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