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  1. KirtFalcon you exactly right. So much Hot Air from a team that has struggled all year and who fell on a fumble in the end zone for a win against DK is only reason they playing this Friday. If hot Air made points they would be National Champion .
  2. Who won when Daingerfield VS Newton in a State Game ? NEWTON !!!! Now move on...
  3. How bad did Timpson beat Garrison. Woops.. just because they beat yall don't be raising their bar. Look forward for all you smoke blowers back on here Friday after the game. We will have your CROW waiting. Also be a good idea to bring a cover or sack to hide dat face around the 2nd quarter when Newton puts that beatdown on yall. Yall lucky to even be playing Friday. Then get on here blowing smoke like DF somebody.
  4. Let me end all this Crying. No matter the winner of this game the other goes out the next week. So don't be arguing over spilled milk. Newton gonna settle all this arguing stuff.
  5. Sounds just like the upcoming game with DF. I say Newton 21/24 to naught 0 DF in 1st quarter. They be hunting a bag to cover that head the rest of the game !! Smoke Coming !!!
  6. Smoke is coming !!! Im afraid DF gonna choke on all that Smoke that's coming . Just being honest.
  7. Coaching lost that game for Waskom. Why not run the sweep that has worked all night on 4th and 3 then kill the clock. Instead up the middle and no 1st down. That was Waskoms game. Great effort by both teams. .
  8. Wait !!! The clock was running non stop in the 4th quarter.. NW will surprise some teams in the playoffs no doubt..
  9. Ouch !! Centerville hammered down.. Didnt see that coming . Best of luck going forward CC
  10. Watched New Waverly against Newton tonight and they have a good team. They were at one point 13 points up on Newton. Their receivers and QB are good. These guys may surprise some folks. I'm taking them in this game.
  11. Hemphill always plays Newton hard. In the end Newton always wins
  12. You boys get Ready. Newton coming !!
  13. Jasper will rebound. Franklin won't squeeze by in this one.
  14. We including myself all seem to think this game will be a close battle between the two. Then there's the thought that one could gap the other if things go their way. I wouldn't be surprised if this happens. We will see Fri. Looking forward to this battle.
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