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  1. Kountze has some athletes. I hate it for the kids when you know things could be better as a team. Watched them tonight against Newton.
  2. Glad that game is done. Not the same atmosphere as a Friday game. Legacy had some size and speed.
  3. If that's the case he will end up with the same results before 2017 and 2018. I know head Coach knows what it takes to win and he will adjust this. Newton has a good throwing QB . I don't think they will go back to the ole run game of the past.
  4. Read my post.. sorry if you have trouble interrupting what the post is saying.
  5. Newton QB stayed under center all night. What happened to the shotgun and spread offense. You can't run on a team with 11 men in the box. What you saw from Newton on offense is what they were doing before Neece began calling plays. He's now gone and it seems they dug up the ole run left run right and up the middle playbook. They better refer back to the Neece playbook if a 3 peat is going to happen .
  6. Newton play calling predictable. The ole scat right scat left and up the middle. Them days are over. Congrats Gilmer. Great game. Take it on to AT&T.
  7. I don't think it would be considered an upset. Gilmer should win this game against an almost 2A D1 team. Newton may fall to 2A D1 next alignment. Then what . I call them Giant Killers. peat..
  8. Booking my flight from Beaumont. Newton gonna yellow dog it to Gilmer. Long haul riding a yellow dog. That's what makes Newton Special. If Gilmers punting game against Carthage had been better they could've possibly won that game. Yea word is Carthage had a bad game. I think Gilmer had something to do with that. Gonna be a tough one for Newton but I think they pull it off.
  9. No Number 5 was QB Josh Foster he went to TCU with Barlow . McCraw 33 was LB in Dangerfield game. The other D line guys did a great job also. Yes Brown not playing the last 2 games played a role in my opinion . He does have a brother rising to the top along with more talent . Newton gonna be hard to beat for a while. Them Dfield boys should just sit back and wait a few years
  10. 28 Foster the LB against Gunter for State graduated that year and is at UH. 33 McCraw against Canadian graduated last year. Number 22 Spivey is now at LB.
  11. That's what a good team makes a team look like. That's how Gilmer looked last year when Newton beat them. That's how they will look again this year when Newton beats them .. Did this answer your question ?
  12. The Barlow Newton had last year can't and will not be replaced as an athlete or person in society. You could search nationally and not find a young man like Barlow. He's one of a kind. Great young man. Same for other players from last year. Josh Foster. There are new players coming forward that have to earn their stripes but none at this time that you can say is better than Barlow or Foster. Each player has their on outlook on the game and society. Find a player who combines both and excels then you have a complete player. Just because a player can run fast or catch and throw a ball doesn't make him a complete athlete. Newton has some great players marching toward this combination and some will surely achieve this. Some are saying with ease that Newton has players to replace players like Barlow , Foster . No !! You don't replace guys like them . You coach players to be like them. Untile you prove yourself on and off the field and between the White Lines only then can you be compared to a Barlow or Foster.
  13. Naw !!! In 3 weeks you be doctoring them woodshed lashes Newton Put on dem eyes.
  14. Hope Kirbyville can improve and the player who was injured has a quick recovery.
  15. %.... Give them a taste of what's coming when Newton shows up again this year in playoffs.
  16. Not !! I serve the Crow when ready. You Dfield guys just gotta except the fact Newton is as strong this year as last. Pass game better..
  17. You wish... cause you know them Gilmer boyz next on the list.
  18. Gunter beat Dangerfield and Gunter gets beat this weekend. Tatum's shot at winning this game looks better.
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